Whose Beliefs are you Living?

Over the past few weeks I have been working with some of my clients and chatting to other business owners. The conversation went something like this “It’s Christmas now and things are just slow and I will start to prospect for new clients next year, when everyone comes back from holidays”.

Have you heard conversations like this, or even perhaps you have spoken these words for yourself?

They say that 80% of your success in business is your mindset! It is about what you believe is true, and being normal we can always find ways to justify our story that we start to spin.

What you think or believe directly affects the actions that you take. If you believe that December is a bad time for your business, then normally you will take the foot off the pedal and stop being active in promoting your business. You get caught up in the belief of “What’s the point as everyone is in holiday mode.”  And of course, if you believe that then you stop doing the 20% of activates that give you the greatest return on investment. So therefore, I ask you is it because it is this time of year, or is it that you are doing activities that are not directly related in gaining more business?

Being a breakthrough strategist, I strive   to think like a successful person thinks. You know to model off the people who are truly successful and get the results that they are looking for. This point, of course can be used in all  areas of your life. And one of my favorite sayings to my clients is, that you have to know what your competitors are doing and do things differently, which in turn will make you stand out from the crowd.

I decided that this year I was going to walk my talk and start to do things differently. I have been very busy over the last few weeks reaching out to my networks and putting myself out there. I was doing things that other coaches told me wouldn’t work. You know those people who are extremely quick at letting you know that things wont work out for you. I wonder why, people do this instead of encouraging people to step outside the box.

So, the results are in in the last week I have gained 3 new clients, formed 2 strong strategic partnership alliances with some other business owners, have a 3rd one in the pipeline and am in the selection process of being selected as a leader and ambassador for a large international community provider.  I am also aligned with another coach to run webinars next year as partners.

What an amazing week, and this was simply because I was active out there whilst others were limiting their decisions by their beliefs or by other’s opinions.

There are so many stories out there that demonstrate how successful people overcome hardships. Here is just one that I found on the internet

Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old.

Einstein didn’t have the best childhood. In fact, many people thought he was just a dud. He never spoke for the first three years of his life, and throughout elementary school, many of his teachers thought he was lazy and wouldn’t make anything of himself. He always received good marks, but his head was in the clouds, conjuring up abstract questions people couldn’t understand. But he kept thinking and, well, he eventually developed the theory of relativity, which many of us still can’t wrap our heads. Who would believe that he developed the theory of Relativity. He also was awarded the noble prize in physics.

This is just one story and I am sure that if you search the net you will find tons of these yourself. Let 2018 be your most productive one and stop those monsters in your head taking over. Yes, everyone has them, however you do have choice in how you handle them. It’s time now to focus on dong things differently and when you listen to the dream stealers, always ask them what are they basing that on, or what were the things that you didn’t do that you needed to do, which would have created a different result.

I leave you with three different questions to consider

What are the things that are working well in your business and why?

What are the actions that you have been putting off and why?

If you would wave the magic wand over your business, what would you wish for?

Wishing you all the best in business for 2018


  • December 16, 2017


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