Trust  ...  the gateway to persuasion, sharing and developing ideas

This Quiz can help you Make 

The Right Choices within your Workplace

Are you building a culture of trust?

The need for trust in the workplace is a fundamental building block of any organization or business.  When there is no trust; the organization's culture  is destroyed. Yet, despite the importance of encouraging and developing it, trust is a difficult attribute to measure and a delicate dynamic to maintain.

It varies by degree, from leadership to employees, from employees to superiors, from department to department, and from coworker to coworker.

 Trust takes a long time and much effort to develop, but only one event to diminish it or eliminate it completely.

Take the Quiz and See how your Trustworthiness is Rated. The Benefits are:

  • Discover the Top 10 Behaviors which  builds Trust within your workplace
  • Find out your trustworthy rating as a team member or Leader
  • Create a better working environment
  • Increase your awareness of the daily practices that  trust build trust

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About Lee

 Lee is the founder of High Performance Coaching and Training ; and her community Find Your Voice | Reclaim Self. 

She is a certified Counselor, Master Coach, Coach Trainer, Master NLP Practitiner / Presenter, Executive Coach, Business Coach Martial Artist, and a author of two books - "How to create Market Domination" and "The top 10 Business Strategies that will never fail". As a corporate coach and business  educator  she presents; develops; Leadership  and team programs; that drive high performance.

Lee understands the power of focus and discipline required to achieve extraordinary results. Being 2 times Australian Champion in Martial Arts was accomplished by every day doing something that leads you towards your goals. Throughout her years as a business owner she also knows what doesn't work ( she has experienced all of these ) and the courage to keep on striving and reaching the benchmarks along the way.

Her presentation style is entertaining, engaging and authentic. She captives the attention of her audience by powerful story telling that helps her audience to gain their own in-sights which lead to change. You know those insightful moments;  that create paradigm shifts. Long term change only occurs when you start to think differently and you have a strong vision to more forward towards your goals.

Lee’s determination to achieve, was obvious early on when she studied various martial arts she now has four black belts in three different styles of martial art. Through discipline and focus she achieved Australian Champion status in the martial arts arena.

Lee brings these principles into her leadership and business  world; mentoring  Executive leaders and  Business owners to become the champion in their business, career and personal lives.

What my clients are saying:

We were having Conflict Against our Teams...

I was having issues with some team members and I called in Lee to assist us in handling the team conflict. Lee was able to get the members involved to work more effectively together by developing the company values and running team training and coaching.

 She also worked directly with myself and my business partner Katie Eckford around our business goals and our leadership direction.

Kelly Boderick  //  Director - Cleanworks

I was unclear on the Type of Leader I wanted to become..

“The main benefit that I feel that has come from my coaching are from the comments made from my colleagues and the changes they see in my management style. Additionally, I feel that previously to my coaching I was unclear when communicating the type of leader, I wanted to be. Lee has assisted me with this and I am crystal clear on the type of leader I want to be which is directly aligned to my values and the company’s values.“

Kylie Mitchell  //  Hr Team Leader and Trainer - Holiday Inn

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