Trust in the Process

I was listening to a new executive sales coaching audible book, and I thought that I would share some insights that I gained from listening to this information. It is common that a lot of people avoid cold calling, and they will use every excuse to step around it. You know, I have to research this podcasting information, or I have to further develop my marketing material. Everything except getting around to picking up that phone. I am sure that you have experienced this as well.
One of the points that was referred to in the book was living in the present instead of the past and future. When you live in the past you may recall all of the things that may have gone wrong and the way that you handled it. Whilst when you live in the future you may think of all the things that may go wrong, such as the loss your job, business failure etc. Just to mention a few.
The insight that I gained from the book was to live in the present and focus on the process. You know trusting in the process as you have 100% control over this. With consistency and discipline, you feel like you are achieving and moving forward every day. Of course checking in with your goals along the way to ensure that the processes are leading you to the goals.
Having processes in place is vital for you to succeed in your business today.
I hope you found this point interesting and perhaps just give it a try

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  • October 7, 2016


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