Telesales Training

November 4, 2017

Telesales is an important skill within any business. It can be a little overwhelming if your team member hasn’t got structure and processes in place before they pick up that phone. High Performance Coaching and Training will help your team to prepare beforehand, and support them during the process of Telesales. We will discuss topics such as designing your scripts, campaigns, tracking and monitoring and what has to happen to reach your targets.

This course will be designed around your business goals and priorities. High Performance Coaching and Training customizes all of our training programs to suit your business needs. Some of the typical learning outcomes are:

Understanding what you need in place before commencing your campaigns
Reviewing your current tracking and monitoring systems within your current database
Understanding the importance of having scripts and structure for your Telesales
Setting goals and pipeline development
Effective communication skills and rapport building
Setting your objectives for each call
Maintaining a positive attitude and motivation

Just give us call and we will come out to have a Free consultation to develop your customized Telesales Training and Coaching.