leadership mastery series

November 4, 2017

Stop Wasting time taking about the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics!
No buy-in from your teams and a lack of motivation
Unable to delegate – Lack of Trust in the ability of your Team

Gain the Competitive edge – through High Performing Team
Create a Culture that retains and rewards your star employees
Gain back more time by Trusting that your team can perform

At High Performance Coaching and training we create tailored concepts for your professional development of your team and team leaders. High performing teams value collaboration; which supports your team’s navigation process through any current challenges by using the collective thinking of others.

Our programs will motivate your team to work effectively together; whilst moving your team quickly through the development framework. These stages are forming, storming, norming and performing.

Some of the benefits in having a High Performing Team are:

• The ability to make higher quality decisions

• Break through Challenges – Better problem solving

• A “can do “attitude and high engagement

• High Professional Reputation – Your teams become your ambassadors

• Attraction of new high performing employees

• Take on more responsibility and accountability

• Open communication working more effectively together

The Leadership and Sales Mastery programs are tailored to meet your specific development objectives within your business.

Every month you will receive a ½ day workshop facilitated at your workplace at a time that works for you. These workshops are interactive such as brain storming, role playing, engaging games and activities, presentations and discussion groups. Each session will have take- away action steps to be implemented. Accountability is an important aspect of coaching and ensures that the information is put into place.

The topics are selected by you and your team. Once the topics have been selected we will work with you in creating your training calendar and action planning days.
We also run strategic marketing mastermind groups which will assist your sales and marketing teams to generate more leads, conversations and in general more profits.

Along with the training and coaching your sales teams will have full access to our E-Learning Marketing Center that will provide them with weekly videos, workbooks, webinars, tools and resources that will give them innovative ideas once implemented will out-think your competitors and dominate within your market.
We highly recommend that once you combine the training with follow up coaching for your team leaders and team members who need extra support within their role.

Our programs will provide the following skill developments:

• Challenge the Status Quo and get people out of their comfort zone for growth

• Build rapport and positive relationships with team members and peers

• Influence change and growth through respect and trust

• The ability to read, lead and gain ‘buy in’ from your team

• Improve your ability to make decisions and delegation

• Gain better understanding of what drives behavior

• Career Progression and supporting new leaders and team members

• Effective conflict strategies that create team alignment

• Communicating and listening non-defensively

• Improved personal development and increased emotional intelligence

• Creating long term change that exceeds expectations

Here are some topics that have been selected previously by our clients:

How Does the Membership Work?

When you purchase a membership it is held against your business or company. You can send the same person to all the workshops or you can choose different team members to attend. The decision is totally up to you. The memberships are transferable between your team members.

The membership includes the following:

• 10 workshops over the year—1/2 day on topics that will assist yourself or team member’s professional development

• Follow up 1/2 hour phone coaching session to ensure that all strategies are implemented

• Disc Profiling for each member – Know how to communicate and motivate your team members

• Unlimited email support—We are here to support you as a valued member

• Take away action plans and workbooks from every workshop and coaching session

• 1/4 yearly review meetings – Ensuring that the program and expectations are on track

Can you do a once off Workshop?

Yes we can provide this option for you as well. We can also facilitate an existing in-house program that you may have in place already. Our services are completely flexible and we can design the course around your needs and business goals.

Can you come in and run our Weekly Sales Meetings?

Yes this is something that we enjoy doing. Your sales team will also have complete access to our E-Learning Marketing Center which will assist your business in dominating in your market. This centre gives your teams weekly videos, workbooks, webinars and resources and tools for strategic marketing. These can all be implemented that will ensure that you out-think your competitors by building a strong business foundation and model that stands out. You will also be able to articulate added value and the reasons why your prospects would useyou opposed to your competitors.

We offer the first meeting FREE of charge – We know that you like to trial before you buy .

What is the next Step to move Forward?

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