in-house sales training

November 4, 2017

Our strategy at High-Performance Sales-Training is more than just running basic business-training-courses, it is
to offer training that is personalized to suit your business specific needs. We assess your sales team member’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to offer customized coaching and training workshops. Our main goal is to provide you with innovative and comprehensive sales training, skills & solutions

Some of the topics that we look at are:

• Understanding the complete sales cycle process, all the way through from identifying leads, making appointments, closing sales and building relationships for long term business success

• Hands on workshops to develop your scripts, systems and activities that will produce results

• What to do to create a GREAT first impression. Get this right and you’re more than halfway to a successful conclusion

• Understanding different personality styles, and having the confidence to adapt and present to their style. Your customers will buy from you if they like and trust you.

• Rapport building skills to use face to face or over the phone

• Telesales skills and processes – Beat call resistance and procrastination

• Creating effective telemarketing campaigns, processes and systems

• The right (and wrong) way to address concerns and objections \ How to know exactly the right time to move to the close

• Power Closes and the latest tips, techniques and strategies to make more sales, more easily

• Customer Service – How to get your customers to buy from you and become raving fans – Implementing structured referral systems

• Time Management

• Other topics – are identified through your training and coaching needs analysis Topics are designed specifically for your business and teams

We will come into your office and run your weekly sales meetings, ensuring that your key activities are implemented and tracked. Along with the weekly sales meetings we can package one-on-one coaching with your sales managers. During this process we will also hold review meetings to discuss the progress of the program ensuring that all expectations are being meant.

Trial before you buy – We will give you 1 FREE session so you can see if we are the right fit for your business. Just give us a call and we will attend your next sales meeting FREE of charge. After the meeting we would like to discuss your thoughts and see if we can be of any assistance to your business.