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Business Growth Mastery Program – Online
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Tried of wasting your money on Strategies that just don’t work?

You are looking for new strategies to help you start out from your competitors?

Stressed out and overwhelmed  – needing support and Direction

Then this Program is for you – Create Business Growth Rapidly with more Leads, Conversions and Profits

Every business owner wants to build a successful  business. But building a successful business requires effort, planning and a proven and tested process. That won’t happen overnight.

If you agree, then you’re on your way to unprecedented business success. If you’re ready to commit to putting in the time, effort and energy, then we’re ready to give you the formula for business success.

You will  have access to the most powerful and proven business growth program, that will grow your business rapidly .

We have a proven and tested process that can help you build a multi-million dollar business. It has already helped thousands of small business owners worldwide become successful.

We designed our Business Growth Mastery Program as an effective way to help serious business owners build up the momentum they need to get their business up and running and making money.

You will receive the following

 Private E-Learning Business Academy

52-week Business Fundamental Training – Receive weekly videos, workbooks, templates and resources

52 – week Personal Skills Development Program

24/7/365 Access to online resources and tools

$1M Marketing/Advertising Library

Quick Start Revenue Generator

Unlimited E-mail Support

Confidential online Business Assessment

Profit Accelerator Lead Generation Session

Weekly group coaching strategy sessions

3 monthly Game Plan Personal Session

 Some Reasons why you should do this program

You are not getting the results that you are after, and you don’t know why

Your growth of your business has plateaued and you are finding barriers that are stopping you from achieving more results

You need to generate more leads, convert more sales and gain more profits in your business

You are wasting your money on marketing that just don’t work

You need to gain more Clarity, Confidence and Direction in your business

You need to improve the performance of your team, to further grow your business

You want fast rapid results and strategies that work

Benefits of this Program

You can access this program and go through the training at your own pace

We guarantee that you will receive 300% ROI of your program fees, if you implement the lessons as you work through the program – Knowledge without Implementation will not give you the results that you are after

When you outsource to contractors, you can make more informed decisions and take more control of your marketing strategies

You will out-think your competitors and dominate within your market whilst generating more profits in your business

Have access to the Ad Library and all the resources, tools and templates so you can just plug in and go

You will be invited to join our closed Facebook group that will give you the support that you require from the community

Get 1 months FREE Access to the program – give us a call to organise


Business Focus Group

Join the 2-hour Business Focus Group

Everything that you know about Generating Leads, Closing Sales, and making profits with small Business is Wrong

If you are sick and tried of marketing that doesn’t work, then join me for an exclusive invitation only 2-hour focus group

Imagine just spending 2 hours one morning with a select group of business owners, and discovering new ways of increasing leads, conversions and more revenue within your business.

Double your current sales volume with a step by step process for taking your business to the next level.

During this 2-hour focus group I am going to show you strategies that successful business owners should be doing to accomplish the following

  • Doubling current lead flow month by month
  • Doubling current sales volume
  • Simply easy – to – implement, no cost strategies that instantly add cash flow
  • How to effectively market on the internet
  • How to get your website 10x more traffic
  • How to harness your database to get maximize repeat business
  • How to set up joint ventures and partnerships that promote your business for you


There is NO COST to attend this exclusive, invitation only event and ONLY ONE BUSINESS OWNER PER PROFESSION IS PERMITTED.

And breakfast and coffee are on me!

I belong to a group of world class marketing strategies involved in over  30 years of experience in helping small business owners to build multi million dollar businesses, but you will attend with a cross-section of your fellow local business owners here in Brisbane eager to share their real-life experiences and successes so we can all discover what IS working and what is NOT working locally. Since only ONE business per profession will be represented at this meeting, no one will have any reservations about revealing what is working well for their specific market.

Book your spot Today – Give me a call

Change Management effectiveness workshop
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7 strageties for Change Management Effectiveness

What is Change Management?

One of the key “life competencies” required of people in all kinds of different situations is the ability to anticipate and respond effectively to change. This is even more essential in today’s fast paced and competitive work environment, where it is expected that we all demonstrate some ‘change agent’ skills. These skills enable us to lead ourselves, individuals, groups and ultimately, entire organizations, in implementing actions that enable vision to be successfully transformed into reality.

Change occurs in many forms. Sometimes change is highly personal and relates to a significant change in circumstances, or in our perspective of people or life in general. At other times, it is initiated by organizations we are associated with (which usually face internal or external forces that cause dramatic shifts in course or direction). Change may be small in scale, affecting an individual or just a few people within an organization. It can also be large scale, impacting on the whole organization.

Whatever the scope, size or source of change, it may impact on skill requirements, business practices, technology and how we serve our customers, amongst many other things. When change is approaching, people often think they cannot afford to set aside time to prepare.

However, failing to do so can result in mistakes, unnecessary waste, rework, over-runs, increased costs, stress and frustration. On the other hand, the return investment (ROI) of the time spent preparing for change can be significant and increase the likelihood of successful change implementation. Whatever form change takes, it needs to be managed well to ensure the best possible outcome.

The 7 strategies that you will cover in our workshop are : proactive thinking, Organisation for change, Involving others, Visualizing the future, Communicating clearly, Breaking from the Past, Consolidating new Learning.

Telesales Training

Telesales is an important skill within any business. It can be a little overwhelming if your team member hasn’t got structure and processes in place before they pick up that phone. High Performance Coaching and Training will help your team to prepare beforehand, and support them during the process of Telesales. We will discuss topics such as designing your scripts, campaigns, tracking and monitoring and what has to happen to reach your targets.

This course will be designed around your business goals and priorities. High Performance Coaching and Training customizes all of our training programs to suit your business needs. Some of the typical learning outcomes are:

Understanding what you need in place before commencing your campaigns
Reviewing your current tracking and monitoring systems within your current database
Understanding the importance of having scripts and structure for your Telesales
Setting goals and pipeline development
Effective communication skills and rapport building
Setting your objectives for each call
Maintaining a positive attitude and motivation

Just give us call and we will come out to have a Free consultation to develop your customized Telesales Training and Coaching.

Career & Transition

Our coaching career-management program provides the understanding and resources that can be used to plan
and set up your career path within your current organization or if you are exploring an exit strategy from your

current employer.

If it is time to gain clarity within your career path or new growth then it is certainly time for you to put your thoughts and plans into action. This program contains plenty of resource material to guide you in your decision making and expand your awareness of what you need to do to make your next career step.

The expected outcomes and steps are:

Stage 1: Reflection on your past – Increased awareness of what has been happening within your past and present careers

1.Time to examine your career goals and needs in the context of other life priorities

2.Ensures that you are exploring your priorities and taking into consideration:

•what type of work engages and motivates

•Your career anchors

•Your dreams and aspirations

•Personality and background

•Career priorities based on your current situation

•Articulate your short-term and longer term career goals

Stage 2: Recognizing your skill sets and qualities

1.Requires you to critically examine and articulate what you have to offer in terms of:

•Specific marketable achievements

•Transferrable Skills

•Motivators and passions

•Work and Life Values

•Personal characters and ethics

•Capability level


Stage 3: Identify and Plan Direction

•Supports you to prepare a long-term career strategy map

•Understand your needs for work-life balance

•Supports you to plan and make decisions about what options are available for the next step in your career

•Provides a decision-making template for you to make choices about whether you move into your next role within your company or plan to exit your company

•Guides you in the steps to take in getting promoted within your company

•Informs you in the options available to you should you decide to leave the company

•Guides you on how to position yourself if you leave the company in difficult circumstances (termination)

•Provides a framework for you to clarify your desired role

•Articulates your sales pitch on what you have to offer and what you want in your career

•Identifies how to prepare a target list of companies and research those companies

•Enables you to complete your self-marketing plan

•Provides useful hints on how to manage your energy and focus during a period of transition

Stage 4: Contribute

•Enables you to re-examine what special talents, skills and wisdom you have to contribute to work and in your personal life

•To value the importance of authenticity in career management

•Requires you to undertake a capability gap analysis which critically examines your degree of fit with your desired role as terms of alignment of:

o Skills

o Motivators and passions

o Values

o Personal qualities

o Capacity level

o Aspirations

Stage 5: Create

•Requires you to establish a strong and compelling vision and then to set:

o SMART goals

o Career management strategy and

o Career action plans

Stage 6: Conquer

•Enables you to overcome obstacles along the way including:

o Self limiting beliefs

o Ego issues

o Lack of confidence

o Financial concerns

Conflict Resolution

Successful leaders have the strategies to lead and increase their group’s ability to resolve conflict as they occur. Teams that demonstrate good team management practices and possess problem solving skills experience less conflict. However, conflict does occur and high-performance teams have a strategy in place to deal with it. They do not avoid thorny issues. They work to identify and understand the underlying issues and to deal with them effectively. In dealing with the difficult situation, members do not let issues fester and grow into interpersonal stresses between members. Rather, they address the issues and move on, putting in place a process or protocol for resolving similar conflicts in the future.

Give us a call for a Free Consolation to discuss your requirements and our recommendations.

leadership mastery series
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Stop Wasting time taking about the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics!
No buy-in from your teams and a lack of motivation
Unable to delegate – Lack of Trust in the ability of your Team

Gain the Competitive edge – through High Performing Team
Create a Culture that retains and rewards your star employees
Gain back more time by Trusting that your team can perform

At High Performance Coaching and training we create tailored concepts for your professional development of your team and team leaders. High performing teams value collaboration; which supports your team’s navigation process through any current challenges by using the collective thinking of others.

Our programs will motivate your team to work effectively together; whilst moving your team quickly through the development framework. These stages are forming, storming, norming and performing.

Some of the benefits in having a High Performing Team are:

• The ability to make higher quality decisions

• Break through Challenges – Better problem solving

• A “can do “attitude and high engagement

• High Professional Reputation – Your teams become your ambassadors

• Attraction of new high performing employees

• Take on more responsibility and accountability

• Open communication working more effectively together

The Leadership and Sales Mastery programs are tailored to meet your specific development objectives within your business.

Every month you will receive a ½ day workshop facilitated at your workplace at a time that works for you. These workshops are interactive such as brain storming, role playing, engaging games and activities, presentations and discussion groups. Each session will have take- away action steps to be implemented. Accountability is an important aspect of coaching and ensures that the information is put into place.

The topics are selected by you and your team. Once the topics have been selected we will work with you in creating your training calendar and action planning days.
We also run strategic marketing mastermind groups which will assist your sales and marketing teams to generate more leads, conversations and in general more profits.

Along with the training and coaching your sales teams will have full access to our E-Learning Marketing Center that will provide them with weekly videos, workbooks, webinars, tools and resources that will give them innovative ideas once implemented will out-think your competitors and dominate within your market.
We highly recommend that once you combine the training with follow up coaching for your team leaders and team members who need extra support within their role.

Our programs will provide the following skill developments:

• Challenge the Status Quo and get people out of their comfort zone for growth

• Build rapport and positive relationships with team members and peers

• Influence change and growth through respect and trust

• The ability to read, lead and gain ‘buy in’ from your team

• Improve your ability to make decisions and delegation

• Gain better understanding of what drives behavior

• Career Progression and supporting new leaders and team members

• Effective conflict strategies that create team alignment

• Communicating and listening non-defensively

• Improved personal development and increased emotional intelligence

• Creating long term change that exceeds expectations

Here are some topics that have been selected previously by our clients:

How Does the Membership Work?

When you purchase a membership it is held against your business or company. You can send the same person to all the workshops or you can choose different team members to attend. The decision is totally up to you. The memberships are transferable between your team members.

The membership includes the following:

• 10 workshops over the year—1/2 day on topics that will assist yourself or team member’s professional development

• Follow up 1/2 hour phone coaching session to ensure that all strategies are implemented

• Disc Profiling for each member – Know how to communicate and motivate your team members

• Unlimited email support—We are here to support you as a valued member

• Take away action plans and workbooks from every workshop and coaching session

• 1/4 yearly review meetings – Ensuring that the program and expectations are on track

Can you do a once off Workshop?

Yes we can provide this option for you as well. We can also facilitate an existing in-house program that you may have in place already. Our services are completely flexible and we can design the course around your needs and business goals.

Can you come in and run our Weekly Sales Meetings?

Yes this is something that we enjoy doing. Your sales team will also have complete access to our E-Learning Marketing Center which will assist your business in dominating in your market. This centre gives your teams weekly videos, workbooks, webinars and resources and tools for strategic marketing. These can all be implemented that will ensure that you out-think your competitors by building a strong business foundation and model that stands out. You will also be able to articulate added value and the reasons why your prospects would useyou opposed to your competitors.

We offer the first meeting FREE of charge – We know that you like to trial before you buy .

What is the next Step to move Forward?

Go to our approach page

Give us a call and we will design your program to meet your specific needs

in-house sales training
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Our strategy at High-Performance Sales-Training is more than just running basic business-training-courses, it is
to offer training that is personalized to suit your business specific needs. We assess your sales team member’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to offer customized coaching and training workshops. Our main goal is to provide you with innovative and comprehensive sales training, skills & solutions

Some of the topics that we look at are:

• Understanding the complete sales cycle process, all the way through from identifying leads, making appointments, closing sales and building relationships for long term business success

• Hands on workshops to develop your scripts, systems and activities that will produce results

• What to do to create a GREAT first impression. Get this right and you’re more than halfway to a successful conclusion

• Understanding different personality styles, and having the confidence to adapt and present to their style. Your customers will buy from you if they like and trust you.

• Rapport building skills to use face to face or over the phone

• Telesales skills and processes – Beat call resistance and procrastination

• Creating effective telemarketing campaigns, processes and systems

• The right (and wrong) way to address concerns and objections \ How to know exactly the right time to move to the close

• Power Closes and the latest tips, techniques and strategies to make more sales, more easily

• Customer Service – How to get your customers to buy from you and become raving fans – Implementing structured referral systems

• Time Management

• Other topics – are identified through your training and coaching needs analysis Topics are designed specifically for your business and teams

We will come into your office and run your weekly sales meetings, ensuring that your key activities are implemented and tracked. Along with the weekly sales meetings we can package one-on-one coaching with your sales managers. During this process we will also hold review meetings to discuss the progress of the program ensuring that all expectations are being meant.

Trial before you buy – We will give you 1 FREE session so you can see if we are the right fit for your business. Just give us a call and we will attend your next sales meeting FREE of charge. After the meeting we would like to discuss your thoughts and see if we can be of any assistance to your business.

Customized Training
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We are about running and designing customized training and coaching for organizations and business’s.We have flexible delivery options including face-to-face, phone, skype and blended training, our experience and contemporary approach to training sets us apart from pre-packaged training courses and options.

High Performance Coaching and Training offers a cost effective and efficient solution to develop your workforce, allowing you to embed your existing policies and practices in the training program.

Our sessions combine training methods of discussion, brain-storming, role playing, video taping and recording, interactive insightful games, QA’s, skill builders and of course education. Having different training methods allow the team members to remain more engaged and motivated. Of course we also ensure that accountability in completing the key activities to drive results are upheld.

We can customize any course already on offer, develop new programs, or help you update your existing internal programs, and deliver it to the needs and goals of your business. We are also assist your team managers and members with providing coaching based on their Professional Development Plans.

As an innovative training and coaching provider, we have an excellent track-record in developing and delivering a range of professional training and coaching programs aimed at improving business capability, productivity, and profitability.

Give us a call to organize your Free Consultation and ask about our 30 Day Guarantee.