Tip 1 – The Formula to Write Compelling Headlines

Today’s Tip – A Formula to Create Compelling Headlines

Are you starting to wonder when your business will start working for you? Feeling stuck and waiting for that damn phone to ring? You are so busy that you simply don’t know where the time goes and it are doing it all alone.

I remember this happening to me when I first started my business. I simply had no idea of what I should be doing to attract new clients who were willing to pay for my products or services. I spend hours doing activities that simply didn’t work – wasting time and money.

You know it isn’t your fault. There is so much noise out there as what you should be doing! No wonder why you’re feeling stuck and confused. You lay awake at night not able to sleep thinking about your business and you start to snap at your partner and kids. They simply just don’t understand all the pressure you have on you. Juggling all the different roles that every day we have to play. You know trying to handle the house hold chores, driving the looking after the children, being a good partner and on top of that the pressures of running a business.

Deep down you just want to have your business working. Remember the great lifestyle that you have dreamt about and the reason why you got into the business in the first place.

It took me over 17 years of being in a business before I gained the secret formula and blueprints of running a successful business. Along the way I wasted so much money and time feeling exhausted, at times losing hope, angry that it isn’t working fast enough until one day I finally got it. I simply did not have ‘business street smarts’ – I had no idea on how to make informed decisions around my business.

I used to network and talk to other professionals (and of course they wanted me to purchase from them) and I would just hand over my money – Like a lamb being lead to slaughter.

As I am writing this content, I am reflecting on where I was only a couple of years ago. Today I feel so empowered as now after 17 Years I know what works and what doesn’t in a business – Yes, I have gained ‘business street smarts’.

It was like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. And I tell you that is such a relief to have the skillsets now to move quickly forward and seeing my business transform whilst giving me the lifestyle of my choice.

This is what I do as a strategic marketer, I work with my clients to gain the wisdom in being able to make the right decisions around their business. They gain more clarity, focus and the way to execute the activities that get results.

I wanted to leave you with a formula in how to create your Headlines when you start to write your compelling copy for your marketing.


Here is one formula which I am sure you will find useful


Example – Why you’re not getting clients and what to do about it!

Try using this one simple tip and post into the comments below – I will give you some feedback

I look forward to chatting again soon

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  • August 15, 2018


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