The most expensive and difficult function of any business is acquiring new customers.

June 30, 2017

Over the past 16 years as a business owner myself I really struggled with trying to work out how to make my business more successful. I simply had no business “street smarts” and was on a very tight budget. This made it very difficult for me to make those smart choices as to who should I listen to when trying to market myself. You see I didn’t want to become the expert in web design, social media marketing or anything else, I just wanted to know what works and what doesn’t. You know once you have this knowledge than when you outsource you have a better ability to see if this consultant is the right one for you.

I remember a huge mistake that I made when I first went into business. This was going into a business with a partner that I didn’t really know that well. He sounded great, promised me the world and left me with $60,000 out of pocket within six weeks. After six weeks once he got his hands on my money, then he decided that our partnership wouldn’t work out.

I was completely deviated and he is just one example of how I lost money when I was new business owner. The other instance was when a marketing firm told me that I needed to brand myself. $10,000 later I got a business card, letterhead, PowerPoint design and a couple of banners. Has this ever happened to you.

I am happy to say that this doesn’t happen anymore as I decided to learn and empower myself around marketing strategies that work and ones that don’t work. Also, I have learned that knowledge without implementation is worthless.

Today we are all overwhelmed with trying to work out what works and what doesn’t and a lot of business owners that I speak to are simply stuck in a rut. Start-up business owners are trying to do it all by themselves. This struggle is not necessary as education and implementation is the key to move your business forward.

I also believe that when you focus on what you what; you will always achieve this. This doesn’t mean that you won’t fail along the way, however if you really want it, you will always find a way.

I have always wanted an on-line coaching business and now I have it. It is simply amazing and I am so excited to have my vision come to life.  You see I really want to help start-up business owners to understand how to make their business work.

I am pleased to announce that now I have a complete E-Marketing System that is membership based.  So, I just wanted to take a little of your time to let you know about it. You may find this useful or know someone who could benefit from it.

It holds over 1 million IP and I have added a link for you to have a listen to the video. I know that you will find the information useful and valuable. I believe that as a business owner we need to continually educate ourselves and remain open to the latest information. I hope you enjoy the video –

If you want to have a 10-minute chat around this – then just give me a call on my mobile – 0414863355

Take care and all the best in business

Lee Stemm

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