The Buyers Journey – Awareness, Consideration and Decision

Did you know that only 1 – 3% of prospects are ready to purchase your product/service the first time that they come across you? This is because they need to go through the buyer’s journey of awareness, consideration and consideration.

Stage 1 – Awareness Stage

During the Awareness stage, your prospects start to identify that they are facing a challenge, you know they have a problem or they see an opportunity that they would like to pursue. Often, they will start to explore their priorities before they taking the next step.

Stage 2 – Consideration Stage, now your prospects have gained more clarity around the goal or challenge and have decided to address it. During this process they will go through the evaluation process and explore different approaches or methods available that will solve their challenge or drive them closer to their opportunity.

Stage 3 – Decision Stage, your prospect has now decided on a solution. For example, they have gone through the pros/cons and explored specific offerings before making the final decision. They are looking for the best value not necessary the cheapest price.

Understanding the buyer’s journey in business will help you to look at the way you follow up your potential customers. In fact, most business owners do not follow up at all or they do not have a process in place. Can you imagine, how much business is left on the table or given to your competitors who do follow up?

Today it takes 5 – 12 touch points before your prospect will become a customer. Now it is time to put in place a nurturing system that adds value to your prospect so when they are ready to purchase, they will think of you first.

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  • September 19, 2018


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