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Handling Change

Maintain a positive attitude throughout the change process, whilst staying connected. Recognizing that change is constant and being able to adapt 

Better Employee Engagement 

Improved Communication  and prepared to take the positive actions in accordance with the organizations reputation and interests

Optimize Talents and Skills

Improved Overall Team Results and skill sets  whilst increasing confidence and synergy  with High Performing Teams 

About this Program

This Team Alignment Program  is a powerful strategic framework that helps team members align; with  a common vision and to kick off the goals and interests;  of the organisation or business. One of the most important aspects when starting up a new project is to firstly align your team members. This increases creativity and cohesiveness  within the project team. Having  facilitated these programs with startups and creative groups, I have found that it enhances the collaboration and enables the process to smoothly start collective projects.  Having Trust and an Aligned Team will enable members to  learn about each other and accumulate  momentum within the project rapidly.

This Program is Perfect for your Team …

  • establishing a new team for a specific project; 
  • Resolving team issues that may currently exist;
  • Welcoming new team member  into your business / organisation 
  • Resetting the team ‘s focus – Reviewing the foundations of your team
  • Supporting new Team Leaders in gaining the most out of the team
  • Taking your Team through the 5 Stages of Team Development
  • Creating more  productive teams 
  • Increased team engagement and reduced turnover and absenteeism
  • Create the Right Culture and build your reputation

We had conflict in our Teams - Lee was Able to Create Team Alignment and Provided Training and Coaching for our Directors and Teams

I was having issues with some team members and I called in Lee to assist us in handling the team conflict. Lee was able to get the members involved to work more effectively together by developing the company values and running team training and coaching. She also worked directly with myself and my business partner Katie Eckford around our business goals and our leadership direction.

Kelly Broderick Director Cleanworks Corporate Cleaning

Course Outline -      1 Day Workshop 

Delivery of Workshop - In your Office or 

Let us know if you would like to have it delivered offsite 

Public workshops are also Available 

Module 1 Overview of The 5 stages of Team Development

Module 2 - Handling  Change and Adaption 

Module 3 Team Alignment Framework Model

Module 4  -Develop your Action Plan

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Remember to Book in for your Session with Lee - Included in the Program

Follow Up One on One Coaching Session

As everyone is an individual we include a online follow up 30 minute session to answer any questions and also provide guidance after you have completed the course program.

This ensures that you have a good understanding of the next steps that will help you to continue your professional development .

Ensure that you book in for you Session with Lee

Invite your Friends and Colleagues along to the Workshop...