Struggle creates Character and Strength

I was listening to an audio recently around changing Sales people into Sales Champions. It goes like this.

A young boy was walking through the rain forest and he was absolutely amazed with nature. During his journey he would often step off the track to look at the amazing trees and other rainforest vegetation. He was always an extremely curious child and just loved exploring. as boys do.

Upon his journey one day he stopped and noticed the final transition of a caterpillar into a butterfly. He had been studying the life cycle of the butterfly at school and was really excited to be able to watch the final transitional stage.

He noticed that the butterfly seemed to be really struggling trying to break out of the cocoon . He watched the butterfly struggle and then noticed that it just seemed to stop struggling all of a sudden.

The boy thought that it would be a good idea to assist the butterfly and started to open up the coocan for the butterfly; just so it didn’t have to struggle as much.

The boy’s intention was – just wanting to help- and he noticed that when the butterfly did emerge from the pupa it seemed deformed. The body seemed swollen and the wings seemed to be undersize. The butterfly just didn’t seem to move much and soon it died.

The boy was upset, and upon speaking to his parents he understood an important life lesson. You see through struggle the butterfly strengthens its wings and the body becomes strong and ready for the next transition in life. Hmm, I thought what a great way of looking at struggle. As when we struggle we build stronger character and spirit by coming through it. Emerging as a better person and having the empathy towards others who have experienced the same struggle as ourselves.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…

There are many other quotes to support that greatness and success go hand in hand with overcoming struggle. It is an essential part of growth in life, and in your career or business. Many of us struggle within our career or business. So let’s reframe struggle to an opportunity to move forward and personal growth. As they say stress may not be necessary, however it does reveal character.

Seek those goals that make you extend yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and look for opportunities to take on new challenges that move you’re towards your goals.

Turn setbacks and obstacles into a gift. You feel such a great sense of achievement when you have to overcome those obstacles along the way. Remember these obstacles strengthen your commitment and discipline to remain focused. They say that you have to fail before you can become successful.

Learn how to remain grounded and centered. With all of the challenges that will undoubtedly present themselves it will be important to have a place of peace to fall back on. Something or somewhere you can go to unwind and refocus your energy for the tasks ahead

I hope you enjoyed this article. And perhaps struggle isn’t so bad.

Take Care

Lee Stemm – Business and Corporate Coach



  • October 19, 2016


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