Business Growth without Paying for Advertising, Increase Client Attraction , using my [8 powerful strategic strategies, Discover the Secret Blueprints] 

Are you wanting to Build, Grow or Scale up Your Business?

Things simply not working and you seem to be stuck without any momentum!

Or Perhaps feeling overwhelmed and Stressed with Doubts if you made the right Decision to go into business?

Then This Guide is Perfect for you ..................................... 

My  Business Journey began in 2001


I remember when I first went into Business in 2001. I had unrealistic expectations that thought it would be easy as I had won many championship titles in Martial Arts and was well informed in the Health Industry. My First business was personal training , called 'Fitness Achievers'.

I gained a reality check

It didn't take me long to realize that I had to learn how to run a business successfully; if I wanted to stay in business.  My parents had told me to get a job several times, and never really encouraged me to go into business.  They had the mindset of you get a job, stay in your job and retire with the gold watch. Completely different to what I wanted.

I overcame my struggles


Being a visionary and resilient I learned that I needed to understand how to strategically market myself and how to sell being authentic. Yes in business you have to have customers.  I was just waiting for 'hope marketing' you know hoping that someone will come and find me and become my client.

I made a decision 3 years ago that I would educate myself and seek out the top mentors in America and Australia to help me build a strong solid business that was aligned with my purpose and my integrity. Whilst I am a business educator and coach today , I am also a student and continually invest in developing my skills for my business and also supporting my clients.

My Business Purpose Now


My passion today is to teach business owners, like yourself, 'business street smarts'. This means that you can make more informed decisions around your business activities and save time and money by focusing on the things that do work, instead of doing the same thing and getting the same results.. 

This guide will start the process off for you and is my gift to you.

Listed Below are the Discussion Points that you will go through in your  Guide

  • Start with the End in Mind - Gain more Clarity and Direction in your Business 
  • Explore the 5 Steps that will create market domination - Stand Out and Design your Model
  • Add Value and Stop Discounting
  • Understanding your Customers Hot Buttons
  • Learn the Secret Marketing Formula that gets results ( hidden Marketing Secrets)
  • Website or Landing Pages - Which Ones Should I be using and when?

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Kelly Broderick Director Cleanworks Corporate Cleaning

We had conflict in our Teams - Lee was Able to Create Team Alignment and Provided Training and Coaching for our Directors and Teams


I was having issues with some team members and I called in Lee to assist us in handling the team conflict. Lee was able to get the members involved to work more effectively together by developing the company values and running team training and coaching. She also worked directly with myself and my business partner Katie Eckford around our business goals and our leadership direction.

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