Stop, Breathe and Reset

I have just returned from a Health Retreat Gwinganna and feel absolutely amazing.  You see I am the typical business owner who at times is stressed out and overwhelmed. Last year was a extremely challenging year for me as I had to undergo 6 operations for cancer. It left me feeling exhausted and fatigued every day and I think I feel into depression.

Now my background is training every day and a high achiever in Martial Arts and Fitness such as Body Building competitor and Australian Champion in Martial Arts. As you can see a lot like others a high achiever.

Feeling fatigued every day and not experiencing good health I decided to return to Gwinganna. This is my third visit and I wanted to improve my health quickly so here is the jump start. You know even though I have a good understanding around health, I just wasn’t implementing my knowledge in my daily life.

I gained a lot of personal insights at the retreat and also some really practical ones. I wanted to share one piece of information that I got from the retreat that really gave me that “ha ha”moment..

To be healthy in your life you need to ensure these five elements are implemented in this order.

  1. Sleep

This is the most important step in ensuring that you remain healthy. AS when you are sleeping it allows your body to recharge and eliminate waste and repair. As an adult the ideal amount of sleep is 8 ¼ hours. Their research showed that if you have less or more than this amount then you will retain excess body weight and feel fatigued when you awaken. Therefore this is the first and most important thing to work on.

  1. Water

Water is the second most important element for good health. Our body is over 70% water and if you don’t have enough water in your system than waste elimination is reduced. If this happens than your digestive system is not functionally to its optimum and when your digestive system is not working;  you will not receive nourishment from your food. It is important to select the right food that nourishes your body.

  1. Nourishment

This area is selecting food that nourishes your body. Start to make healthy choices. Most of us know what to eat, however we don’t implement that knowledge. Every meal should have a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  Forget about dieting and start to change your eating habits. Than is will be sustainable. Throw away those scales.

  1. Your Thoughts

Is is a huge one for me. Start to enjoy life and stop stressing over the small stuff. Come from a place of gratitude and get rid of that monkey on your back. Create your own “yoda” you know the wise caring one and build a strong relationship with him. I was in a queue today and we were asked to fill out a questionnaire.  I overheard a conversation of a couple which went like this OMG that was so stressful”- Really it was only a questionnaire!  Why do we create so much drama in our life.

  1. Exercise

Daily movement is important the recommendation is around 10,000 steps per day. It was interesting to see that this element came last and that if you haven’t got the previous elements in place than you are just wasting your time with overdoing exercise.  Do something that gives you energy, that you walk away feeling energized. I have a strong history of working out in the gym, however everytime I go into this environment; I walk away feeling depleted. At last I got it, it is just about letting go and moving on. Now I enjoy walking along the river every night before dinner, being in nature and observing the small things, like the clouds in the sky, the bird in the tree; I think you get the idea.

Therefore, if you are feeling fatigued and wanting to actually feel what is iike to have energy again; invest in yourself and go along to experience this wonderful retreat. As a business coach I have so much more energy for my clients and it just seems easier to work in and on my business.

I hope this article has given you some insights in the importance of your health. Without health, you have nothing.

Take care

Lee stemm

My next Strategic Marketing Focus Group will be held on the 12th September. Enquires are welcomed.

  • August 6, 2017


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