Step up and Become the CEO of your Business

I remember 16 years ago when I first started my business and the struggles that I had experienced at that time. I was completely overwhelmed, should I do Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogging, videos to name just a few; I could go on forever. I know that you have probably experienced this as well.  So today, I am focusing on just two problems that prevent a lot of business form becoming successful.

You need to get out of your own way

The way that we think determine the actions that we are willing to take. Unfortunately, most people think about the things that may go wrong. You know – I have tried this before and it didn’t work, I don’t have the finances; I don’t have time; I can do this myself and so many more excuses that we use to convince ourselves that we don’t need any help, you know we have it under control.

Eventually the business owner starts to lose hope and must make the decision to go and find a job, if they can find one. Yet another business fails. This is why there is a high failure rate in new start up business’s.

I believe that the key to get out of this stage of feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your business, is to start to do things that you don’t normally do. You know doing those things that make you feel uncomfortable. Taking calculated risks and being okay if things don’t work the first time. A friend of mine told me that if you haven’t got any problems, then you probably are not moving forward with your business. By overcoming your problems leads you closer to gaining success. And we all want that.

At first most business owners come into their business excited to be working in the field that they are drawn to. You know the technical side of the business. Then they realize that they need to develop skills in other areas to ensure that their business drives forward. You know those roles of marketing, sales, admin, operations and so on. However, they have no mentors or education around these areas and just wing it. Can you relate to this? A lot of wasted time, and I say why reinvent the wheel.

Not having the fundamentals in place in your business

Having processes and structure in your business are essential. It allows you to monitor and measure what is working and what isn’t. This allows you to do the final changes that will get you the results that you are looking for.

How do you dominate in your market? Have you taken time out to build your strong foundation within your business so that you can stand out from your competitors?

I have found that a lot of business owners that I start working with have absolutely no idea around how they can stand out. If you don’t know how to dominate in your market, then you will be caught up in the price war. You start discounting and competing on price. People will only buy on price if the business owner cannot articulate their added value. Do not get caught up in the world of discounting – Instead take time out to work out how you add value to your customers and what makes you different from your competitors.  Remember people buy the best deal, not necessary the best price.


Education inculcated the fundamental qualities needed for the proper management within business. Therefore, the areas of marketing, finance and operations departments are more organized and effective. It is quite evident that continual education is critical within successful business’s.  This education invigorates the sustainable development of your business in a planned way. When was the last time that you looked at educating yourself around your marketing, sales and business development? I know that when I first started business I just wanted to continue to develop my skill as a coach and didn’t focus on the other areas that are vital for business growth.

E- Learning Marketing System

I coach concerned business owners who are wanting to grow their business, by providing this E- Learning Centre as part of my support as a marketing and business coach.  This platform is a system that effectively helps serious business owners to build their business quickly seeing immediate results.  The E- Learning Marketing system to here to help you gain traction and to get you out of a financial hole if you’re in one – It helps you to regain your momentum in your business.

Combing the E-Learning system with my coaching support is available for committed business owners.  I work within your budget and if you are interested in having a screen share session with me to discover how I can assist you within your business than simply jump onto my timetrade link and book a time that works for you. Once I receive this booking I will set up a zoom online session to show you how you can generate more income within your business in just 45 minutes. What have you got to lose?   Here is my link –

I look forward to chatting on line and I hope you enjoyed this article

All the best in Business

Lee Stemm 

  • May 20, 2017


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