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October 10, 2017

As I was catching the city cat into the Brisbane CBD, I started to reflect on what has been happening in my business which is so similar to a lot of other business owner. It is about how can someone be in business for over 16 years and still doubt yourself? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

It just doesn’t make sense and is completely illogical. I am always making decisions within my business and I like to make the decision based on potential not scarcity.  So during the trip I was just doing nothing and watching the water and enjoying the calmness around me.

I remember speaking to my coach on a previous occasion and saying that I enjoyed the city cat ride into the Brisbane CBD and I found it really relaxing and a time to just stop and reflect on what is happening in my life and business. Her response back then was ït is far too slow for me, I am always in a hurry!”. Isn’t that so true -I have also responded this way at times.  However if we don’t take time out to stop and reelect than how do you gain your  insights?

These insights allow us to create change that is long lasting. One of the most important skills when  I am coaching is to allow the space for my client to gain their own insights. This is when the magic starts to happen and they become engaged in creating behavioral change that leads to new results based on different actions taken.

So I had my coaching session which was so  amazing. Yes, I am a coach and I also believe in the power of having a coach as well. I believe that if I didn’t have a coach it would be hypocritical and how can I encourage my clients to use me as coach if I don’t walk my talk. Thank yo Indy.

You see I have just started my business after a couple of years break due to cancer recovery and during that time I think I just lost me. I started to really doubt myself and started to play small becoming invistible. After all that is safe isn’t it – No one will notice me so no-one will expect anything from me. However what happens to your spirit and dreams in the meantime?

I am chatting to my coach and she looks at my latest bio that I put up in my website – here is the link – =She stepped back and was impressed with my achievements and asked me to step back and read it as if it was one my clients.

I got it – How can I keep on playing small when I have achieved so much over the 16years and so many of my clients have been positively impacted by me? It is always amazing when you have someone to get you to stop and look at what you are doing and start to challenge you!

I say step up to the plate, take risks, get uncomfortable and shine as who you are today and who you can become. Remove the masks and lets become authentic. You know there is always people out there to help you – You simply have to lower the fake barriers that you put up. Be you!


Step and be noticed

PS I am starting a new meetup group – Entrepreneur Mindset Unlocked – First meeting will be on the 14th October go to this link to find out more – =

Love to connect with you and create powerful discussions

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