Are you wanting to grow your Business?

Or perhaps wanting to start a new Business?

Then the Round Table Meetings are Perfect for you!

Join our Monthly Round Table Meaningful Conversations Group

These are  confidential sessions which  allows participants  to speak openly about the challenges they  face as a business owner.

“Peer round-tables are important because they provide a unique opportunity to share and learn with a group of peers in a completely safe environment,” says Mo Fathelbab, Forum Resources Network president and author of Forum: The Secret Advantage of Successful Leaders.

“As a business leader, it’s often lonely at the top. You can’t share everything with your employees, partners, board members or investors.

You are safe to share with Members of a Round table as they have no personal interest in your decisions.” 

Benefits of the Round Table Group

Here are a few benefits to being part of a business owner peer group:

  • You will gain more clarity and direction around your business,  creating momentum
  •  You will be encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone, to broaden your opportunities for business growth
  •  Through collaboration we will discuss your current challenges, and come up with solutions  
  • You have a safe environment to be authentic and un-burden your day to day issues
  • Open discussions create new perspectives with increased insights .
  • You will have access to new resources, and a short topic will be discussed at each meeting
  • You will have personal support and encouragement.

A Bit about me..............

Thank you for stopping  by on my to read a bit about the Round Tables Meetings.  Firstly I would like to tell you a bit about 'why'I have started this Forum.

I have been in business since 2001 and Know what is it like to struggle in business. You know those doubts, frustrations, fears and simply not getting the results fast enough . Trust me I have been there as well.

It finally clicked for me after around 14 years of being in a business that there was never going to be security. If I was seeking security then I would get a JOB and pick up my pay check every week.

Business is all about uncertainty.  It is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new things. About being smart when you make those important business decisions.  It is about having resilience to never give up. Being in business certainly is not for the uncommitted.

This is where I come in. I have made all the mistakes and have studied with the top mentors and coaches in America along with Australia. In a 'nutshell' I believe that you need to be continually learning and growing . I am always being a student along with working with my clients and training teams within the corporate arena.

This forum that I have assembled is about giving you support, encouragement along with new ideas and perceptives  that will lead to new opportunities.

This forum is mixing with with your peers, bouncing ideas off each other, building your networks and collaboration. It is a place to continually grow personally along with your business. .

Studied Australian Applied Psychology - Diploma Counselling and Communication

Qualified Master Coach  - Real Education, New Insights, Coaching Matters

Qualified Master NLP Coach and Trainer - Christopher Howard Group and Phillipa Bond

Qualified Trainer and Assessor -  Qut and Rose Training

Qualified  Business Management - TAFE of Qld 

Qualified Extended Disc Personality Profiler - Talent Tools

Experienced Business Owner - Since 2001 

Lisa Hawthorne Sea Breeze Life – Business Owner

Round Table Forum Particpant


This was a very well spent couple of hours where I got to learn about message bots as per the topic, but more importantly, I got some great tips on some of my other strategies that I will most certainly be implementing!

It is also great to have the input of others in business and be reassured that hurdles are there for everyone and I haven’t just been singled out!

I highly recommend that you jump on board with these Round Table events! I hope to see you at the next one

Cathrine Dinnie Business Owner . Massage Connections

Attended the Round Table Forum


Round Table topic was message bots. Certainly was a challenge for me to understand but Lee Stemm was there to get me through the basics.

Manychats also has a 10 hour course we can do to show us the program in more detail. I can see how useful message bots can be and the setup is very similar to landing pages.

A very informative session overall and I love that the topics are not just learning but also doing!

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