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Become the Purple Cow

I like to surround myself with positive people and those who value the importance of continuous education. I was listening to a talk about purple cow thinking. This was truly insightful and it had a huge impact on me. It is about if you don’t think differently, then you don’t stand out. I don’t know about you; however, I believe being in business you truly need to out-think your competitors.

So, let’s look at one of my strategic strategies around Networking. Now I am sure that everyone agrees with me that meeting people face to face is much more powerful than just having on-line connections. Even sites like RSVP, Tender etc – The people who connect need to meet face to face before the relationship moves to the next stage. Therefore, online connections are a quick way to connect to others; however, it does not necessary build relationships or become transactional.

Many of my clients when they first start with me say; Ï have thousands of followers on social media”, however how many of those do you have a strong relationship with. You know those relationships that edify each other, support each other, and refer each other to their clients, business colleagues and friends? Usually the answer is a very low percentage or even none.

You may say that you have not get time to network, that it is not necessary, that it is not a priority. Until the day comes that you need to find another job or create more business. I am sorry, but now it is too late. You are desperate and now sitting in the urgent quadrant of time management, wandering if you can pay the rent coming up and having to remove all the extras from your lifestyle. You have not had the foresight to plan ahead. You are completely stressed out, and  the results that you are after just doesn’t happen fast enough. You reap what you sow.

Strategic Strategy Network building opposed to Networking

  1. Understand that the difference between networking and building a network. When you build your own Network, you become the center within the circle of influence. You understand the power of having long lasting relationships based on know, like and trust. You are committed to value people and are interested In helping others. You know the go-givers principle. That if you help enough people get what they want, then you will get what you what. This is a principle that true leaders apply within their business or workplace.
  2. Now it is time to locate a venue that will allow you to build your networking hub. A venue that is accessible to the people who you are wanting to attract. One that will be positive and motivational and one that you can also mix with other hubs. A meeting place where everyone feels relaxed and not trying to sell to each other. One that allows you to build relationships and providing support for each other.
  3. Invite people into the hub. Know who you want to be mixing with. Your hub will multiply as they also invite people into the hub. This is having the ability to introduce your hub to others – Can you see how this multiplies and everyone is working towards the same goal and cause. It becomes motivational, exciting and everyone is connecting.
  4. Have systems and processes in place so that you can coach and pass on how to continually build your networking hub. It is about doing this deliberately, and having others within your hub duplicate the process.

Can you see how this process is completely different than just turning up for a networking event? Imagine the value of having a large network can add to your business along with being employed and bringing a large network with you?

This is the strategy that I am currently doing and I invite people to my hub.  If you  believe in  innovation and an early adaptor around change,  and wanting to  think differently than others; then I want to meet you.  Imagine mixing with people who get excited with doing things differently and who are curious as to what is happening out there. People who are driven towards their goals and know that helping others along the way is part of their contribution.

I know people who can come up with excuses as to why they can’t do something. I like to think a different way as to how I can make this happen? You know the type of questions you ask yourself while dictate the quality of answers that you get back.

So, if you would like to join me at my hub, Monday nights at the Hamilton Hotel than let me know – You are most welcome to stick your head in and see the purple cow thinking.

All the best in business

Lee Stemm


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  • August 27, 2017


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