Preparing for your Telesales Campaigns

I have been working with a lot of small business owners around their sales processes and systems. One common thing that I have been noticing is that a lot of business owners are excellent in delivering their services and products; however need some structure in their sales process. Therefore I have listed some things that you need to consider when starting your new campaigns:

A good database that will allow you to track and monit6or your leads, prospects and potential customers. Also a accountability tacking system for your key activities that will ensure that targets are reached. You know what you cant measure doesn’t allow you to modify and change your strategies that are not working.
A script for the telesales call – What are you going to say and what is the purpose of the call.
A targeted list of the prospects that you want to call. Who is your targeted market?
A goal based on your daily activities – How many phone calls are you going to make, how many appointments do you need, and what is your conversion rate?
Systems and processes in place to allow you to track , monitor and measure your results
What are some of your objections that you experience and how can you overcome them?
Maintaining a positive attitude and mindset

So here is a starting list for you to work through. All the best and if you are looking for some support from us than just email or give us a call.

Lee Stemm – High Performance coaching and Training –

  • August 12, 2016


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