Pre-Planning your Telesales Call

One of the most important things to do before picking up the phone is planning. This gives you more clarity in your communication.

The other thing is to know what you want to achieve from this call. For example do you just want to get the decision maker’s details, do you want to set an appointment , or is it the follow up to close the sale?

These types of questions you need to ask yourself before you do the call. I find that having scripts allow me to communicate fluently and in the right order of saying things. The other thing to remember that if you wish to expand and bring on-board more sales people; having scripts will assist them in understanding what you want to achieve within your business. After all having a business is not about just creating a job for yourself.

After a while when you become familiar with the sequence and points outlined in your scripts, then you will not have to read them, which will give you the right energy for the call. Having a script will also allow you to track and monitor what kind of responses are you getting from your potential clients.

This will allow you to make the appropriate changes ensuring that you are able to gain the results that you are after. When I work with my clients it is important that we view the facts and track the results; which allows us to monitor and modify our approach. This is the key to success. Most business’s that are successful know exactly what is happening in their departments and they track results. Structure and having systems is the cornerstone to having success in your business. So get to those scripts and plan ahead.

Remember Systems run your business – and motivated team members run the systems!

  • August 15, 2016


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