New Year’s Resolutions – Forget them – they just don’t work

New Year’s Resolutions – Forget them – they just don’t work

Its 2017 and after having a few drinks you will often hear this question “So what are your New Year’s Resolutions?” Too often you will hear the things that we would like to achieve such as lose weight, get fit, maximum by business, exercise, connect to my family, change my job etc. etc. etc.

These are great however a more powerful question to ask yourself is “What habits do I need to change or develop to achieve my goals for 2017”. You see if you keep the same approach as you have done over the previous years than you will get the same result. This works well of course if you are happy with the results that you are getting, however if you are not than things need to change.

Let’s explore an topic that most of us are familiar with. Getting fit and losing weight.

You will need to go through a process of getting emotional associated with this idea. I would recommend taking some time out and grapping a journal and write down all the pros and cons for this idea.

It could look like this list

Cons – Disadvantages of not having fitness and health Pros – Advantages of fitness and health
Loss of confidence Feeling more confident in myself
Feeling depressed and lacking energy Health – Living a life filled with energy and vitality
You become the role model to your family – they will copy what you do Being a role model to other family members and friends
High stress levels – feeling overwhelmed and a lack of clairty Managing my stress levels
No integrity – Yes here we go again – You say something and yet you never keep your word Keeping my word to myself and having a sense of achievement with the results
Not being able to buy clothes that fit you well – looking into that mirror and not liking what you see Being able to fit into that dress again and buy clothes easily
Lack of pride and no sense of achievement Having a sense of pride and satisfaction
Wasting money on take always  and having to buy poor quality of food Saving money – no more take always and quick fixes
Feeling of loss of hope and not wanting to keep on learning new things Continuous learning – new recipes – becoming that great healthy cook
Lack of productivity at work or within your business due to no energy Increased productivity within your business or job
Not wanting to get out of bed Waking up in the morning energized
Sitting on the side lines – watching others participate in activities and sport Participate more in events instead of sitting on the side line being a spectator

Make your own disadvantages and advantages around achieving your goal. This helps you move towards your goal and to become emotionally associated to it. Once you have developed this list then reflect on it. Ask yourself then “Do you really want to achieve this goal?” If yes than go to the next stage. Also break your goals down to smaller milestones. If you want to lose 10 kg than break it down to 1 kg every 2 weeks etc. Ensure that your goal is measurable and achievable.

Plan it – Failure to Plan is Preparing yourself to Failure

Goal = Lose Weight   ( example)

Tasks Why this is important Time Lines
Plan my kitchen – do a spring clean and organize it Organized and knowing that you are moving one step forward 7/1/17
Buy some cook books that are aligned with healthy eating Having books that are colorful and aligned with your goals will motivate you – we eat with our eyes 7/1/17
Preparing a weekly shopping list This will help you to have all the ingredients and not to buy things that are not aligned with your goals 8/1/17
Set time aside to cook – Make a plan depending on your lifestyle This could be once a week doing a big cook feast, or setting time aside daily ongoing
Put some motivational images or quotes up on the fridge – Your goals etc This reminds you of your goal as you go to the fridge several times during the day ongoing
Get a support team around you- who are they going to be It is always good to have a team around you to hold you accountable and to encourage 15/1/17

Okay so now we have a plan.

Next comes the habits – You will need to change your way of thinking to have a paradigm shift around this idea, especially if it is something that you have been considering for a long time

Creating New Habits

Ask yourself – What Habits do you need to develop that will support your goals? What would it look like if you could achieve these?  Write down your answers.

Then ask yourself – What habits do you do that stops you achieving your goal? And how are these habits affecting your life? Write down your answers.

It takes time to create new habits. There will be times that you fail, however through failure you will understand what you need to do to be successful. No-body is successful before they fail. A friend of mine said that she is never down. She is always getting up or already up. I loved that idea. When you do fail, don’t beat yourself up. Brush it off and just start again.

Make your goals a long-term strategy not just a quick fix. Once you start to see results, then you can move forward in other areas of your life. You will become unstoppable.

Let’s make 2017 your best year – Be your Best

Take care Lee

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  • January 1, 2017


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