Networking Tip 1 – Introduce yourself to the Organizer

Networking is about building strong relationships and connecting with others. It’s the ability to be able to build your profile and start to be seen as an active Business Leader. Sometimes when attending a new networking function, by yourself can be a bit daunting. You know standing at the edge of the room, or in a corner and hoping someone will come up and speak to you.

Sometimes it you just seem to be invisible and no-body notices you. I always tell my clients to introduce yourself to the organizer and show interest in the event by asking some of the questions to them:

  1. Thank them for holding the event, and what motivated them in taking the time out to create this community?
  2. Ask the organizer if they can introduce you to some people in the room
  3. Show an interest in what the organizer is saying
  4. Once you have been introduced to others in the room really listen and remain engaged in what they are saying
  5. remember Networking is not about getting a quick sale, it is about building relationships . Getting the know, like and trust thing happening
  6. Follow up after the event – especially with the organizer –  Letting them know how thankful you are that they took time out to introduce you to the group
  7. Remember if you start attending the same event regularly – You will start to build strong relationships and feel more comfortable

The organizer whats people to return, and they are really approachable and are always willing to welcome on board new members to the group. Head towards them and relax, just enjoy getting to know people. Remember people like doing buisness with people they know.



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  • May 2, 2018


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