About Us

I work with business owners who are serious about growing their business rapidly and understand the importance and value of having high performing teams that are working effectively together. I am able to do this by providing innovative strategic Marketing Strategies that will assist you to dominate within your market whilst developing your teams that are highly focused on your business goals achieving superior results. My Coaching and Training services are specifically designed to your business which will give you more leads, conversations, more profit, and engaged performing teams that lead to continuous business growth, more profits and more time for yourself.

I started my business High Performance Coaching and Training in 2001. There has been many changes in my business since then. I started out as a Personal Trainer, Counselor, Master Coach, Master NIP Practitioner, Trainer and Presenter, Executive Coach, Marital Artist and Author.

I am a firm believer that to remain competitive within your industry that you need to continually improve yourself. This includes your skill level along with personal and professional development.

However, information without implementation is worthless. This is where I come into the picture. I offer my clients one-one coaching support online or face to face. Some of my clients prefer to work in groups; therefore, I also offer strategic marketing mastermind groups. Your Mastermind Group is designed to help you navigate through challenges by using the collective thinking of other business owners.

I also enjoy running training programs for business and corporate teams. As an executive coach, I assisted companies in the development of their team leaders tailoring their coaching around their professional development plans. I work intensely with sales teams and mangers ensuring that new strategic strategies are implemented, It is about out-thinking and doing things differently to your competitors.

As a successful coach, it is important to work with my clients thinking, behaviors and of course skill levels with a strong focus on actions that are aligned with their goals. It is a balance between ensuring that my clients become strong business leaders within their market along with having the ability to build strong powerful relationships and joint ventures with other business owners. Therefore, I also teach my clients the power of building strong relationships and creating their own network.

Public Speaking is also something that I thoroughly enjoy. I am available to present business and leadership topics at your networking event or your upcoming conferences.

Wishing you best in business