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November 19, 2017

I have just returned home from Las Vegas where I attended a world class strategic marketing business coaching conference.

There were over 70 high level coaches at the conference who were assisting business owners in achieving many breakthroughs in their business, and taking their client’s business to a completely new higher level for lead generation, sales conversation and more profits.

You know that when you attend these conferences, and mix with these type of people, it is completely impossible to fail. I am a firm believer in continuous education and putting yourself in the environment that will challenge you to step up and continually grow your business.

I was so excited and motivated by attending this conference, that I have already taken some time out to look at implementing the knowledge into my business for 2018.

So here are some of my new services that I will adding onto my existing ones for 2018.

Ask the Expert Platform – 

This session will be occurring on answering business questions that are posed to me from business owners who would like to discuss some business strategies and challenges that they may be experiencing within their business.

The forum will be webinar and the sessions will be open to the public. Anyone can register to join into the webinar and participate in the forum.  Between myself, and others on the webinar and having 70 worldwide coaches to call upon – I know that all questions will be addressed which will give you the results you are looking for.

This activity will be conducted weekly and the time and day will be announced towards the end of December – So keep an eye out for it!

Business Focus groups

These will be a 2 hour meeting where I will be working with business owners over breakfast. Only 1 representative per industry and we will be exploring some strategies that will move their business forward. And breakfast is on me.   For further information about this concept go to

IF you would like any further information regarding these two new services starting in January then just contact me.

The bookings for the Business Focus Group are being taken now and if your industry is already represented; then you will be put onto a waiting list for the next one.

Action Planning Day

I hope everyone is setting some time aside to start to plan your 2018 activities. I am holding a 1/2-day workshop around forward planning for 2018 which will be a live event in Brisbane

For further information around this event –  Click Here 

all the best in business

Lee Stemm

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