How Much do you Spend on Health and Beauty Products?

 I was having a conversation recently with a couple of friends and we were talking about how things are just changing so quickly these days. There is no longer security in having a long term job, financial security upon retirement is becoming unrealistic. Large corporations are failing, and once this happens than the unemployment rate increases. The expectation of working for someone is that you work long hours which creates a lack of life/work balance, leading to relationships issues. And often are not financially rewarded for the extra hours.

As the discussion continued we started to talk about having multiple sources of income. I found this idea completely appealing as this would increase peace of mind for me. Then the conversation went into how much we pay for our health and beauty products. As you start to age it is extremely necessary to maintain heath and to be proactive.

I started to search for a company that had a long lasting sustainable background and also provided products were that fitted into my criteria of chemical free, organic and continual research. I came across Nutriway and got excited.

So instead of paying for my products and getting no financial reward, I am able to buy these at a wholesale price, as well I have the opportunity to create passive income if I choose.

For more information about these products go to :

 If you are interested in this idea than just let me know as there are regular Wednesday meetings at the Business Centre located at Loganholme. I would like to invite you along.  Having support and inspiration is a key to becoming a successful business owner. They say just keep an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Below is a little bit of information form the website mentioned above

NUTRIWAY® Quick Facts

With busy lifestyles, family pressure and stress, it is little wonder many people don’t get the nutrients they need. NUTRIWAY has helped people find their way to optimal health for over 70 years.

·        Founded as NUTRILITE® and sold in Australian and New Zealand as NUTRIWAY

·        The world’s number 1 selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements*

·        The only global vitamin and mineral brand that grows, harvests and processes plants on 6,300 acres of certified organic farmland

·        We produce 10 billion vitamin and mineral tablets each year

·        More than 100 scientists, chemists, botanists, microbiologists, pharmacists, dieticians and nutritionists dedicated to creating the best supplements possible

·        We have more than 70 years experience in vitamin research and production

·        NUTRIWAY offers the best of nature and the best of science

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  • October 25, 2016


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