Avoiding Negative Language

I have listened in on many sales calls and I have noticed a lot of negative language is being used. For an example I have heard sales people say “I suppose this is not right for you now”; or “I am sorry to waste your time”, or “We can’t do this or that”. It may have been better in these examples to say “, “when would a more appropriate time be”, or “Thank you so much for taking time out to listen to me today”, or “I can find out if this is possible, when would you like me to call you back?”.

The person walks into a clothing store, and the sales person says “Can I help you?”. The automatic reply is “Just looking”. What would have happened if the sales person said “Have you been in our store before?”, or “What type of styles are you drawn to?”. I am sure a totally different conversation would have occurred. It is about asking different questions to gain a different response; instead of the normal conditioning that we have heard over and over.

Research shows that you can increase the amount of information you get from your customer if you begin your questions with ‘how’ instead of ‘why’. IF you use ‘why ‘questions it can make your customers feel defensive and it can sound like you are interrogating or demanding. When the customer becomes uncomfortable they become resistant and just want to get off the phone. When to use open questions and closed questions is also a important factor to remember.

Here are some words that create resistance. Instead use the alternative words on the second line.

Why did you decide to go with …………….?
How did you make the decision to go with …….?

How are you?
Avoid this to open cold calls (it can cause resistance)

That’s not a problem
Sure we can certainly assist you

Thanks Mate. No worries
Be careful of slang instead Thank you for your call ……….
I have a great deal for you
I have an opportunity that you may be interested in

I understand What you are saying
I appreciate what you are saying,

We can’t place your order until you make payment
As soon as you make the payment, then your order will be placed. Would you like to do that now

Some other positive words that you can use could be; unique, special, easy, new, exciting, improve, opportunity.

An interesting exercise is to start to notice negative language that others may be using around you. Often you will hear “what people don’t want, instead of what they do want.” Have you ever heard these statements before?

I don’t want to get fat; I don’t want to be stressed; I don’t want to be broke; I don’t want to be by passed; I don’t want to be seen as being silly, I don’t want to make a mistake.

It sounds a lot different if this is said instead

I want to become fitter and leaner; I want to be relaxed; I want to have financial stability, I want to be considered for this role, I want to be seen as being a fun person; I am in positions where I continually learn.

I hope you have found this article interesting.

  • August 5, 2016


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