Handling Conflict

A vital sign her high performance teams is the ability to handle team conflict. Conflict among team members is an inevitable part of group life. People pulled together to work on complex issues will naturally experience frictions associated with diverse working styles, thinking styles, behavioral norms, and performance expectations.

Research, indicated that it’s how people work with the conflict that determines whether their conflict is a positive and productive force or a destructive force. And so, if we can order one piece of advice for handling team conflict, it is this: “do not avoid it”. avoid ind conflict not only stifles creativity, it creates barriers to relationships that can ultimately pull the team apart. Rather than avoiding it, we suggest that team members develop an orientation to conflict that allows them to expect it, work through it, and learn and grow from it.

Teams that have established sound team management practices and problem-solving skills have fewer conflicts. This makes sense intuitively, because establishing team management practices forces team members to identify behavioral norms and to develop a common understanding of their purpose, objectives, and strategies. This alone removes many pressures and paternal sources of team friction.

Furthermore, teams with well-developed problem-solving abilities have developed the capacity to work out and build on diverse views rather than stifle them. Even with well-developed team management and problem-solving skills, most teams from time to time will encounter issues that can lead to interpersonal strain.

So what causes conflict within teams?

Using our circle of conflict tool outlines some of the major sources of conflict, regardless of the level (interpersonal,organizational, communal, or society) or setting: The circle identifies five central causes of conflict:

problems with people’s relationships
problems with data
perceived or actual incompatible interests
structural forces
differing value

Are you currently using a structured process to deal with conflict within the organization or business. High performance Coaching and Training can support and assist you in developing and implementing a sound conflict management. Just give us a call and org anise a meeting with us. We can come to your office or talk over the phone.

  • August 12, 2016


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