Goals are Dreams with Deadlines

Yes, it is that time of the year again. You know those conversations ” Next year I am going to do this ……..” etc. We have all of these great ideas and intentions however lots of times we just seem to be unable to keep our promises to ourselves.  Do you remember the story of Alice in Wonderland? When she comes across the Chiesa cat.  She asks the Chiesa which path to take, however she didn’t know where she wanted to go.  The response of course was to take any path, as it will take you somewhere. Perhaps not a good approach to goal setting as there is no planning and preparation or direction. There are some reasons why we fail when it comes to achieving our goals. Here are just a few:

  • Wanting Instant Gratification – You know it just doesn’t happen quick enough. It takes time to achieve big goals; therefore you need to have small benchmarks along the way. You know breaking down your goal so you feel a sense of achievement and progression along the way.
  • Fear of the Unknown – Yes, you may have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. Our imagination is a great thing to have; however it is how we use it that is important. Sometimes we fear the worst is going to happen so we go into the fight or flight mode. However remember this saying, ” If you do the same as you have always done, then you will get the same results”. One strategy I use with my clients is to help them reframe their thoughts along with encouraging them to move forward and taking calculated risks. This is also around your beliefs and being able to change your thinking.
  • Excuses, Excuses, Excuses – Do you know someone who can always find an excuse as to why they didn’t do something. Therefore this comes down to what is truly important for you to strive towards in your life.
  • Lack of Commitment and Discipline – You know the saying goes, I just cant motivate myself. Sometimes discipline has to come before motivation. Once you start to see results than the motivation comes into play. Consistency and Discipline leads to motivation which leads to results
  • Not emotional Engaged into your goal – This is the big ‘why’ factor. Why, do you want to achieve this goal. What are the benefits personally. If you are not emotional engaged into your goal than it is just going through the motions.
  • Not having deadlines – Achievement doesn’t happen my accident. It is about a process that has a series of tasks that you have to complete along the way. You need to commit and have a deadline as to when the goal will be achieved. Do not leave it open ended.
  • Listening to Dream Stealers – Yes there are people out there that are not supportive. They are called ‘the dream stealers’. Be careful as to how much time you spend with them. Being supported in a positive environment helps you to stay focused on your goals.


Motivation – Goals are the startling blocks of motivation. They give you a reason to get up every day and to live life to its fullest

Independence – Goals help us take charge of our own lives. Instead of following the crowd or wandering through life, we choose our own path, the one that leads to fulfillment of our ambitions

Direction – Goals give us a destination. We’re far more likely to get someplace when we know where we’re going

Meaning – Goals give us a sense of purpose. Life has more meaning when we’re clear on what we want. Instead of merely existing from one day to the next, our goals give us reasons to start really living

Enjoyment – Goals are the antidote to the most dreaded of all social diseases: boredom. How can you be bored when you’re got exciting things to do? Goals make our lives more fun, more interesting, and more challenging

Fulfillment – Goals, more than anything else, help us reach our potential. Setting goals helps us see what’s possible. Each successful step toward attaining them builds confidence. Each goal completed helps us see more of what’s possible and leads to new goals and more success

Goals become the blueprint for a very rewarding life

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  • November 18, 2016


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