Getting Past the Gate Keeper

So it is that time again, you know to pick up the phone and make those tele sales calls. As the sweat starts to run down your face, all of a sudden something that is more important just seems to come up. The time ticks away, and as your day comes to an end, you hear yourself saying; “where has the time gone, oh well tomorrow I will get to that.”

The problem is tomorrow seems never to come, and you know that you need to be doing key activities that are directly related for business growth.

Does this sound like you? Or perhaps just me”!

I am sure that we have all been in this situation in the past, or even right now. So lets explore some ideas of how to get past the gate keeper.

Do you sound important when you speak on the phone? Confidence is a key that is only develped by preparing, plannning and practise. Tape youself and have a listen to how you sound.
The ability to build rapport quickly. Always be pleasent and polite to the receptionist and ask for help. Most people like to help and asssit others. Make a friend with this person.
Plan to make more than one call – The first call could be just gathering some information around who is the decision maker that you are needing to speak to etc. Plan your calls before you pick up that phone.
Ask to get put through another department; for example sales department. When you are put through to this department; then simply say – Oh a mistake must have been made, I was wanting to speak to ………, Please put me through to him / her.
Call during lunch breaks -The main receptionist may be on lunch and it could be easier to get past the relief person
Answering Gatekeepers Questions – Prepare yourself these questions so you can answer them confidently. Such as – ïs he expecting your call?”, What is this about?, Is this a sales call?, Can I pass a message and get them to call you back?

I hope you find this information useful. Give us a call to discuss our in-house sales training packages.

  • August 12, 2016


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