Event Speaking

Lee has been involved in business since 2001 and during this time her business has changed and transformed into what it is today.

She is a certified Counselor, Master coach, Coach Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner / Presenter, Executive Coach, Business Coach a Martial Artist, and a author of two books – “How to create Market Domination”
and “The top 10 Business Strategies that will never fail”. As a corporate coach she has presented and designed her “leadership Mastery Series”.

She understands the power of focus and discipline required to achieve extraordinary results. Being 2 times Australian Champion in Martial Arts was a accomplished by every day doing something that leads you towards your goals. Throughout her years as a business owner she also knows what doesn’t work ( she has experienced all of these ) and the courage to keep on striving and reaching the benchmarks along the way.

Her presentation style is entertaining, engaging and authentic. She captives the attention of her audience by powerful story telling that helps her audience to gain their own in-sights which lead to change. You know those áh ah’moments that create paradigm shifts. Long term change only occurs when you start to think differently and you have a strong vision to more forward towards your goals.

Some of topics that may interest you are

  • Building a strong Business Foundation and model
  • How to dominate within you market through strategic positioning
  • Qualities and actions taken my business leaders
  • Developing the right mindset for success
  • Topics around Emotional Intelligence
  • Creating the right culture and teams
  • The Law of Attraction and manifesting
  • Other topics specifically tailored for deliver your message

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