Eposide 3 – Six Pillars of Self Esteem

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One of the most important things to have is self esteem.

Where does your self-image come from?

If your opinion of yourself often comes from what people say to you and how they treat you, then perhaps you will find this idea helpful.

Imagine yourself as a blank canvas. When you hear negative comments, if you take them to heart and start to believe them, you are letting others splash paint on your canvas. They can make of you what they like; your sense of who you are is then defined by other people’s opinions. This is their arrogance winning over your confidence; it leaves you confused, doubting, miserable and self-loathing. You are allowing them to tell you who you are. You have no control and no significance in your own life.

As a child you would have had self – esteem. Have you ever watched children playing together. They are so confident and are not afraid of reaching out to others. Through our lives we are conditioned and take on other people’s beliefs. These can cause us to remain in our comfort zone and not to take any risks.  What kind of life is that? To grow and learn we have to fail, and through those failures we gain valuable knowledge and we become one step closer to success.  Don’t give up? A friend of mine said that they are never down, they are always up or getting up. I really liked that point of view. Watch the video and start to break down each pillar of self esteem and be completely honest with yourself. What could you do differently to what you are doing today?  It’s time to start to paint your own picture on that canvas instead of leaving it up to others. This video covers the first 3 pillars of self esteem which are:

  1. Living life consciously
  2. Self Acceptance
  3. Taking Responsibility

Enjoy and stay tuned for Part 2 – Remember Be your Best

  • January 27, 2017


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