Dealing with Poor Performance

If someone’s performance is not reaching expectations, don’t wait until appraisal time rolls around before addressing the problem. Deal with it quickly, before it deteriorates even further or becomes a hard-to-break habit, and before your temper frays and your comments are motivated by anger than helpfulness.
Research shows that 85% of the time, poor performance is outside the employee’s control. Often what looks like a poor performance problem is not really one at all. Less than 15% of cases of poor performance result from employees having a pressing personal or motivational problem that is stopping their ability to willingness to do their job well.
Possible causes of poor performance

Poor Performance – 85% of the time

• Poor or insufficient training or experience
• Faulty tools, equip or materials
• Cumbersome procedures and systems
• Unclear or unspecified performance standards
• Performance standard not understood or seen as unimportant
• Poor performance is as rewarding as good performance
• Lack of information
• Poor job placement
• Poor teamwork or disharmony in the team

Poor Performance – 15% of the time

• Leader not setting a good example • Personal problems
• Acts of God

Here’s how to build performance …….

• Stick to behavior (what the employee says or does) or a measure of success not met. Make sure it’s an issue they can do something about.
• Be balanced: give both positive and constructive feedback
• Be a coach, not a critic
• Don’t attack the person, just their performance. You can’t make someone do better by making them feel bad
• Say ‘I’ more than ‘you’ to avoid sounding patronizing or pushy
• Follow your formula for giving feedback
• Keep the focus on improving performance.

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  • August 12, 2016


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