Creating a unique Business Vision

Having a well laid out vision statement will provide you with a clear measuring stick for your decision-making within your business. A powerful question to ask yourself when you are making those tough decisions is “Does this support my vision? “or “will this take me closer to my goals?”

Often when I am unsure about making an important decision, I will ask myself one of the questions above, and if this task doesn’t fall within this criteria then I absolutely will not waste my time doing those activities that distract me.

If you have team members involved in your business be sure that you include them in developing your vision. This strengthens and aligns everyone so that you are all supporting the direction of the business.

I like to revise my vision yearly, which supports my marketing strategies for that year. So, set some time aside and review your vision for 2018.

Here are some tips for developing your vision

  1. Start by looking at some of your strengths and areas of improvement through the eyes of your prospects and existing clients. Also include feedback from your existing staff, management, suppliers and then include your prospective.
  2. Analyze your observations by answering the following questions.
  • What does the overall picture look like?
  • How does the overall picture align with the dream you have for your business?
  • What great achievements and qualities exist in the strengths section? (List 10)
  • What opportunities exist in the weaknesses section? (List 10)
  1. Look at what opportunities that are available for 2018 (what do you want to achieve)
  • In each of the areas of customers, suppliers, staff, management and yourself list out in short statements what you want to achieve in 2018.
  1. Prioritize your aspirations of your business. – Once you’ve finished your list, take the top three to five and creating a sentence for each one, and then combine them into a cohesive paragraph.
  2. Refine your statements so that they are broad, future-oriented and use words that reflect your values, priorities and dreams.
  • is it inspirational for your staff and customers?
  • does it project a compelling image?
  • does it paint a clear picture?
  • have you used engaging and descriptive language?
  • is it realistic?
  • does it align with your company’s values?

Tip – Use power phrases that are inspirational such as

A leader in…
Support the development of…
Offer opportunities to…
Continually create…
Build on…
Bring together…

  1. Put your vision up everywhere so all of your customers, staff, management, suppliers can see it. Refer to this compelling vision when you are making those important decisions. Commit to your vision and everyday take action to achieve it.

Once your vison has been completed then it is time to work through a comprehensive goal-setting process that will act as the road map for achieving your vision.  Once these have been clarified than you will need to review, in depth, the five-step marketing process (leads, conversions, more transactions, higher prices and more profits), include the right strategy that you will use to achieve your goals, and in turn, the vision you have created.

All the best in Business

Lee Stemm

  • November 17, 2017


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