Are you currently aware of the fact you need to move your business  online, but you're sitting there thinking, HOW?! 

Build Your Online Programs and events  within just 3 Weeks

Market | Build |  Convert | Launch

The Craft and Market Online Programs and Events is a power-packed workshop series.

. Combining Training and Coaching that will dramatically

shortcut your path to creating (or reviving) your PERFECT Online Program or Event!

Next Program Commencing Soon - 20th April - On Demand Training with One-on-One Coaching Support

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Don't make the same mistakes as others

The biggest error people make when starting out with hosting virtual events and building online programs,  is to not commit to learning how to do it WELL first. 
To run a successful online event requires a strong grasp of the platform you're using, good strategic steps to keep your audience engaged, and the know-how to resolve any tech issues. Fist you need to approach this strategically, not tactically.
 Don't leave your event or programs to chance, this training with  one-on-one coaching support,  will give you the confidence to know you're running the best online events and programs  out there!

Combining Coaching and Training increases Productivity up to 85%

OR  You can Simply work it out for yourself...........

Which will cost you time, energy and wasted investments, whilst you make the normal learning mistakes!
Learn the proven blueprints to build and launch your programs  and Events to fast track your Results.
Remember everyone will be online, and you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Still wondering whether or not you need this training?

Here's what you'll learn:

  •  The best tools and methods to use for a successful virtual events and programs (small to big scale) 
  • How to ensure your online programs and events more  interesting and engaging - including how to facilitate engagement online whilst building your online profile
  •  How to market your programs and events online  (what’s different to how you've marketed your events before)  
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when creating and hosting these new online programs and events

Here are your Course Topics 


 Understand What Your Audience Wants And Test Out Your Courses Before Launching

 Build Your Targeted List Of Prospects


Craft Irresistible Offers And Higher Perceived Value


Design your Course Outline and Content 


Design Your Marketing And Sales Funnels 


Launch Your Courses Without a List 

I Also Understand that When
I ACT NOW, I Also Get...

Be the Master of your Day  Time Management Worksheets

Create the Entrepreneur Mindset - Self Sabotage How To banish self destructive Behaviors checklist

Your Software Tech Stack - Know what software to purchase and how they integrate


Bonus 1
Master your Time Effectively and Boost your Productivity 

 As an online entrepreneur being ablet to
self manage your  time is one important key
 to remain focused and to  gain maximum
momentum in your  business

Grab your Workbook to apply these 6 simple 
strategies  to master  your time and boost
your productivity
Bonus 2
Create the Entrepreneur Mindset

Mindset is everything. If we believe that we can not achieve something that we are right. 

Surround yourself with the right people, put yourself in the right environment and protect your mindset


Grab your copy of  Self Sabotage - How to banish self destructive behaviors checklist 

Bonus 3
Tech Stack - Knowing What Software to Choose

This is the complete list of all the software required to build and launch with automation your online courses.

Lee explains the post time and cost effective  chooses to consider when selecting your software.

Ensuring that you have ongoing support and everything integrates smoothly. 

This Video will give the ability to make better inform decisions around your selection of the right software that will work in your business

Develop your Business Online Assets and Skills

 Become Actively Uncomfortable instead of being Passively Uncomfortable

 and "hoping " Things will work out?

It is all about your Approach in uncertain situations;

that will determine if your Business will Continue to Thrive!

Transform your Business Online and Keep your Business Thriving

 For Online Entrepreneurs and Program and Event Creators

Get Your Courses SOLD OUT - Whilst Charging Higher Prices 

No longer discounting your courses and getting caught up in the price war and that means Get paid higher prices for your course

Have a Audience Waiting to Enroll

You have a audience to promote to that already know , like and trust you so You have a audience waiting and ready to buy

Automate Your Sales Funnels - Free up your Time and Have Consistency

You have a proven system that automatically brings in new clients ... You free up your time and the results are consistent

Save Time, Money and Energy - Test Before Building  

Before Launching : Save time, money and energy  so Yow know that your course has a high demand before releasing it

Build your Online Assets 

Great opportunity today to build some online assets, that can create passive income, along with adding extra value to your clients.

Ensure that Business Keeps Thriving

We are entering a time where there is so much uncertainty, for small businesses. If you are going to be uncomfortable then be actively uncomfortable'. Move away from taking a passive approach and hope thing will work ouot. 

Ready to get into the multi-billion dollar education industry

but don’t know how to start?

Discover How To Create an Online Program and Events... even if you Don't  Know Where To Start!

Your Course Bundle Includes

  • Videos, Audio, Workbooks, Checklists and Blueprints  ($995 Value ) 
  • Membership Access up to 12 weeks  ( $1,200 Value)
  • Walk Through Videos ( $497 Value)
  • Weekly Q + A Sessions for Platinum Members ($600 Value)
  • 4 x Private Session with Lee for Platinum Members($300 Value)
  • Maser Your Time Effectively and Boost Productivity ($297 Value)
  • Create the Entrepreneur Mindset ($297 Value)
  • Tech Stack - Know what Software to Choose ( $297 Value)

TOTAL VALUE : $4,483.00

YOURS TODAY :  $447.00 AUD


Looking for a Payment Plan?

Click on the button below and organize a chat with us to see how we can work it out with you.

Build and Launch Your Online Programs! is a comprehensive course yet it’s simple to implement.

Within just three weeks , you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to achieve.

And you’ll have my support every step of the way.

Weekly Q + A

3 x One on One Sessions with Lee

Closed Community Group

Accountability Buddy

12 Weeks Access to the Material - Membership Area

Tech Walk Through Videos - Understand How to Implement

Create your Online Assets
Build and launch your online courses and Events

Your Investment : $447.00 AUD

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing program , you can get a full refund  within 7 days after your membership commencement. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Director - Cloud Staffing Global


I have been part of Lee;s Inner Circle Mastermind Group and it has been an incredible experience. The productivity maximizer sessions combined with the Think Tank Clinic Mastermind sessions are adding tens of thousands of dollars to my producity increase. I highly recommend Lee's programs and is a must for any entreprenuer who is serious about growing and scaling their business

Brenton Butler - Director and Author

Providing Training and Coaching for Teams


Statutory Authority

Lee’s style is very welcoming and inclusive and she has a massive amount of tools in her tool belt and was able to adapt and change sessions according to the need of the class.

Lee was able to capture some employees who were struggling and provide a safe and secure place for them to communicate as part of the sessions.

Lee's flexible and agile approach to learning. Lee is a wealth of knowledge.

Leanne Lorena - HR Senior Manager QLeave

Being out of your Comfort Zone .......

As we go through uncertainty today within  our business; we have two chooses as to handle the current situation. We can choose to be passive and stay uncomfortable, worrying about when things will change, and allowing our fears to take over our live. Or we can be active within the uncomfortable zone, exploring solutions and creating online assets  within our business.  You will also building new skills within the digital world. The recession will end and if you are actively building your online assets and skills , then you will come out the other end, with a whole suite of products that will extra  value for  your clients.

Or you can watch TV and live in survival mode, hoping that things will change soon.  I call this 'hopeful marketing'and surely not an entrepreneur mindset.  Get up take action and seek opportunities to develop another set of skills and focus on the actions that need to be taken, for a thriving business to continue. 

You Don't Need to be the Expert........

Many Entrepreneurs's suffer from the idea that you have to be the expert or you don't know enough But nothing could be further from the truth. I used to think the same. Doubting myself and often would hear myself saying "who would listen to me"? Have you ever experienced that as well? For me it was  part of me  wanting to remain in my  comfort zone. After all I  can't fail if I don't take risks. Do you ever think like that as well? Sometimes we forget what it is like to be a beginner, and that is where our largest audience is.

What If .............

 However,  if you don't step up,  there will always be that part of you that continuing feels let down. You know the part that will  often wonder 'what if'. What If ......... I had taken the risk and had the business that I really want to work in.  What If .........  I was really successful and I had the lifestyle that supports my family and myself. They often say that there are two types of pain. One is short term pain, and the other is long term regret. I decided to take the short term pain, around my own fears and not allowing them to stop me. 

And It Is Not Your Fault  

And it may not even be your fault that you have been putting it off. You simply may not have  had the experience yet, and there is so much to discover and learn as an Entrepreneur.   It is hard to make decisions when you don't even know what questions to ask!

Believe Me I Have Been There As Well

I thought the same when I first started my business in 2001, however I searched for the right  information that I needed.  Having studied  and being mentored with the top online entrepreneurs, I discovered the blueprints and formulas which made course creation simple and easy to follow. I have the blueprints and know the whole process that speeds up the process with the right results.

Things Are Different Now

Now I wake up  and I find people have booked into my course overnight. However before that happened as I do not believe in any overnight success, I had to do the work to make this happen. I was determined and committed and resilient.  Now If I can do this, then so can you. 

Next Program Commencing Soon

Build your Online Programs and Launch them - Join the next program


Transform Your Business Online - Build and Launch your Online Courses and Events  3 Week Boot-Camp

I'd like to introduce you to "Build and Launch your Online Courses Boot-camp " which helps you create and launch your courses with the blueprints and formulas that get proven  results.

Do You Want A Thriving Online Business?

"Build and Launch your Online Courses and Events" makes it simple for you to:

  1. Establish a thriving online business
  2. Have people chasing you to become one of your clients
  3. Differentiate yourself from other course creators
  4. Leverage and scale your business with automation
  5. Stop working so hard doing the same stuff and not getting results
  6. ... and much, MUCH more!

You Know Exactly Where To Start

And what makes this even better?
Now you never have to worry about not knowing where  to start and feeling overwhelmed again!
Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you will not have a business that will   provide the lifestyle for yourself and family.

Imagine Having Your Program Completed and Launched in Just 3 Weeks

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Build and Launch your Online Courses Boot-camp " in 3 weeks.  
So again, if you're Want to fill their online courses with clients, understand this:
  • This is a beta launch price and there will be a price increase in our next intake
  • You will start to see your business take off now
  • It is a no brainier you will be using the strategies that the top online entrepreneurs use.

Discover the Blueprints and Templates and Stand Out on Social

And "Build and Launch your Online Courses" from High Performance Coaching and Training  holds the key to your success with Build and Create Online Courses Boot-camp .

Here are your Course Modules

Lee worked with our Team Leaders and Myself as our Leadership Coach and Trainer

“Lee Stemm was my Professional Coach in 2010 when I was based in Brisbane. I voluntarily sought Lee out as a Coach after witnessing her success with one of my direct reports, and the subsequent success of several other leaders reporting to me when I contracted Lee to the hotels Leadership Coaching program.

As a coach, Lees program was in-depth and had an easy to follow framework, that drew out root causes of issues that were managed through the program, such that my overall leadership performance excelled. She applied her expertise in NLP (Neurolinguistics programming), and she was able to help develop, with the ownership of the coachee, behavioural changes that created long term improvements in leadership skills. I would recommend Lee as a Professional Coach. Her involvement in our business and in my own development was and still remains, invaluable.

Raymond Faulkner
GM Holiday Inn Brisbane

About The Course Teacher,
Lee Stemm 

Lee Stemm has led an impressive career as a Coach and Trainer in Leadership and business growth for over 19 years working with her Corporate Clients and Online Entrepreneurs.  

In 2016 she commenced her transition from being a corporate coach/trainer into an online entrepreneur.  She is still invited to work within the corporate arenas, however her focus today is assisting online Entrepreneurs with building and launching their courses online.

Everything Lee teaches she implements into her own business. These proven strategic strategies, are not theory based, it  the latest strategies that the most successful online entrepreneurs are using, along with her 19 years experience in the trenches as a business owner. 

She even goes one step further, crafting high-profit automated funnels, to lead the potential client through the buyer’s journey; whilst keeping in front of existing clients.

Lee Stemm, an experienced online entrepreneur, is known for helping, educating and supporting clients as they develop their strategic strategies around creating a successful online business that gets results

Welcome to Our Programs

I personally welcome and encourage you to continue your journey as an online entrepreneur. Continuous learning and development is the foundation of any successful business. 

These programs are designed to support you through the complete process of implementation. I believe in the power of taking action, and reaping the rewards of your committed effects to  stand out as a leader within your industry.

All the principles that I teach, I actually follow as well.  I am always upgrading and learning new skills from the top online entrepreneurs within their fields of expertise.

I bring to my programs over 18 years business experience, along with the latest proven strategies that get results.

I am looking forward to connecting with you in our community and developing a strong professional relationship based on inspiration , integrity and empowerment.