Ultimate Blueprint Market and Launch Your Courses Online Boot-Camp

Don't make the same mistakes as others

The biggest error people make when starting out with hosting virtual events and building online programs is to not commit to learning how to do it WELL first. 

To run a successful online event requires a strong grasp of the platform you're using, good strategic steps to keep your audience engaged, and the know-how to resolve any tech issues. First, you need to approach this strategically, not tactically.

 Don't leave your event or programs to chance, this training with one-on-one coaching support will give you the confidence to know you're running the best online events and programs out there!

Combining Coaching and Training increases Productivity by up to 85%

OR  You can Simply work it out for yourself...........

Which will cost you time, energy and wasted investments, whilst you make the normal learning mistakes!

Learn the proven blueprints to build and launch your programs and Events to fast track your Results.

Remember everyone will be online, and you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Still, wondering whether or not you need this training?

Here's what you'll learn:

  •  The best tools and methods to use for successful virtual events and programs (small to big scale) 
  • How to ensure your online programs and events more  interesting and engaging - including how to facilitate engagement online whilst building your online profile
  •  How to market your programs and events online  (what’s different to how you've marketed your events before)  
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when creating and hosting these new online programs and events

Here are your modules

  • Understand What Your Audience Wants And Test Out Your Courses Before Launching

  • Build Your Targeted List Of Prospects

  • Design your Course Outline and Content

  • Craft Irresistible Offers And Higher Perceived Value

  • Design Your Marketing And Sales Funnels

  • Launch Your Courses Without a List 

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Business Productivity Maximizer Inner Circle

This membership is for entrepreneurs who are wanting to grow and scale their business.

What is included in the membership:

  1. 2 x Personal  Business Growth Roadmap sessions with Lee - To be taken in the first month - set you on the right path 
  2. 2 x Monthly Think Tank Clinic Masterminding Zoom Session with Break out rooms - a VIP Brainstorming session
  3. 2 x Weekly Productivity Maximizer Sessions - Set time aside to work on your specific activities to grow your business
  4. Membership Access 24/7 - Preview all the material at a time that works for you
  5. Buddy Assignment - Optional - To support and encourage you along your entrepreneur's  journey 
  6. Closed private forum  - Get to know others in the group and build strong relationships
  7. Weekly videos, templates, and article on business growth


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Crafting Irresistible Course Offers

As an Online Entrepreneur and Course Creator being able to create your course offer that has a high perceived value, will have your courses completely booked out.

 No longer getting caught up in the price discounting wars. Being able to charge what you are really worth, and have clients on your waitlist for your next course

This course you will go through the following stages:

  1. Know and Understand Your Market - So you can customize your topics to meet their needs-

So, you can stop wasting time developing courses that don't sell 

You will generate a consistent flow of customers waiting for your courses to be released

Customize your Offer Combination 

Create the Ultimate Course Offer that Sells:

Instantly set yourself apart from every other course creator and that means

You can Fill Your Courses with Paying Customers

Creating Your Sales Process Funnel

Drive traffic to your courses so High Conversion Rate generating more clients

Course Offer Template

Select the right offer combination which means To make it easy for you to create powerful course offers

Video Walk Through

To Watch and Replay the step by step processes, implementing as you go which means you have a  reference source to make implementation easy

Know Your Market Mini-Course

Clarify  Who Will Purchase Your Services Quickly and Easily Without Spending Months Trying To Work It Out 




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Tribal Building Secrets 14 Day Challenge

This Course will guide through the stages of Setting up your FB Group whilst creating engagement and positioning.

Week 1- Setup up and build the foundations of a high-profit group on Facebook

Week 2 - Fill and engage your group members using tribal growth strategies. Develop your content strategy with trading and measuring

Automate the Group so that you are not tried behind the keyboard all day. Included in this course is your outsource bible for your team to maintain the strategies once implemented  

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Master your Most Difficult Working Relationship in 5 Days

Master Your Most Difficult Working Relationships in 5 Days

This 5 Day Challenge will guide you through the 5 step process in gaining clarity, courage, integrity scan and creating your conversation script using the templates and framework to have that important conversation within the workplace or business.

Over the next 5 days you will receive:

  • Daily videos and activity sheets
  • Scripts and Framework
  • Support and Feedback  Personally from Lee
  • Live Q + A session with Lee
  • Gamification board


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Conflict Management for New Leaders Boot-Camp

This 6 Week On-demand Bootcamp provides the tools and templates to effectively manage conflict within the workplace.

If Conflict is left unaddressed; then it will affect morale and hinder performance within your business or company.

A Loss of job satisfaction and motivation results from avoiding and poor handling of conflict; whilst leaving team members and yourself emotionally drained. 

Employees who get caught up in the conflict are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, poor sleep resulting in series health issues; whilst performance levels continue to decrease.

This means that you'll have to spend extra time and financial investment in recruitment and training.

If problems and disagreements are ignored rather than being handled constructively, things can only go one of two ways; either things stay the same, or they get worse.

But, when people discuss their differences and work through them together, the stage is set for positive change to occur.

Although it might be easier in the short term to leave things as they are, this struggle helps everyone involved in the conflict to work through the problem while developing stronger relationships.

Often times, the best ideas are those that combine different points of view.

These ideas often arise from conflict, as well as the creative problem-solving that conflict management  requires to reach a resolution

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