Conflict Management – Turning Negative to Positive Phases

Use Positive words

Look at the phrases below. Which would you rather hear? which would attract your cooperation? It is pretty clear that the more positive words and phrases we use, the more people will take our message on board. If you can’t make them positive, at least make them neutral.

Here’s How ………..

Negative Phrases

Negative Phrases Positive Phrases
You’ll have to …….
You never ……..
You’re not listening ………
No worries !
What’s the problem?
I’ll need you to …… so that ……..
How about ……….?
Let me run through that again, ……..
That’s terrific, It’s a pleasure
How can  I Help?

Be objective

If you want to sound more professional and level-headed , don’t exaggerate or be overly critical. Compare the negative and disapproving with the more balanced and composed ways of saying the same thing. It is important to get your message across whilst still maintaining strong professional relationships based on trust, openness and integrity.

I hope you will find this information useful

take care

Lee Stemm – Leadership and Performance Coach
High Performance coaching and training

  • August 12, 2016


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