Launch Your Online Community Purpose

⚡#BALYOB for short ⚡ (psst …..This is our secret handshake - Right!)

Here, we're focused on ONE THING: Helping you leverage the power of Facebook Groups, and building your Courses whilst Launching through Automation and funnels.

Having all the tools for your online business so you can build, grow and monetize a tribe of raving fans & loyal customers. Establish your positioning first, then it is time to create your online courses, with the proven formulas that will supercharge your courses.

Develop, Launch and Automate. These top strategies are used by all the online influencers, and I will be sharing these with you. My aim is to support you to make the most out of your online business. Stop the information overload and learn the complete step by step systems that work! 

The #BALYOB Team is led by online entrepreneur and business strategist, Lee Stemm, and I want to see you & your online business THRIVE! I am here to help you do exactly that with... 

  • Exclusive training 
  • Collaborative Q&As
  •  Group coaching & collective problem-solving 
  • Monthly Free resources 
  • Exceptional Course creation; w/ launching & coaching programs 

We can teach you how to leverage the power of Facebook Groups, build your online courses and launch them, using automation, which will give you more time to spend w/the people you love and more money to do the things you love…

 But we only work w/: 

  •  People who create their own reality
  •   People who take responsibility 
  •  People who take MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION 
  •  People who care about others 
  •  People who want to solve problems & deliver value
  •   Not Afraid of hard work

A bit about me, I started my executive coaching and training business back in 2001 – High-Performance Coaching and Training. I have an exciting business that is always pivoting with lots of variety.

Some of my highlights were running powerful rituals for woman during retreats, working with CEOs and team leaders with their training and coaching needs. Studied with the top marketers in America and Australia; gaining great skills for business development and engagement. Qualified Counsellor, NLP Coach, Master Coach, Executive Coach, Trainer, Disc Profile Facilitator  and Business strategist.

 To get the most out of the community, become active and involved. It is like anything the more you put in the more you receive. Help others, encourage and be supportive. Be authentic and reach out for help when you need it.

 We are all here for you. No longer will you feel excluded or isolated – Welcome to our Community.

““Burnout doesn't occur because we are solving problems, it occurs because we are trying to solve the same problem repeatedly. Identify the real problem and then confront the obstacles in your path..”

What Our Community is Saying .....