Leadership Coaching

November 4, 2017

Leadership is an important key to success for any business and organisation. An effective leader has the ability to
have their team; working together towards the company’s goals and KPI’s. Although this may
sound easy in principle inspiring individuals to work collaboratively can be quite a challenge. High Performance Coaching + Training will cut through stagnation, conflict, low morale, lack of team work, lack of understanding and alignment of company direction.

Introducing coaching competencies into an organization is a very powerful strategy to create an adaptive workplace culture committed to the ongoing process of development and learning. Companies that have developed a coaching culture report significantly reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, greater happiness and satisfaction at work.

High Performance Coaching + Training will personalize the training and coaching to each business or organisation’s specific goals and objectives. This practical ‘hands on’ approach helps candidates discover the universal leadership qualities and principles that will help them to become highly effective leaders. We combine behavioural based coaching with skill development.

During the coaching sessions, the Candidate will be empowered to identify strengths and developmental needs, and encourage greater accountability for self-improvement. High Performance Coaching and Training’s experience has shown that individuals gain significantly from having an opportunity to focus on personal development, and the alignment of their personal goals with the organization’s business objectives.

This is achieved by developing goals and measuring outcomes, through the regular revision of the Candidate’s Action Plan with the High Performance Coach. Once the individual coaching plan has been developed the candidate will be able to select some skill builders that will assist him/her in developing their skills for their current and future roles.

Skill builders provides the candidate with an easy-to-use reference tools for best practice thinking on a range of key topics. They are short, sharp and succinct and are designed to provide a practical method for improving skills. They focus on explaining sequential steps in a competency-based development path. After completing a gaps analysis the candidate will select the skill builders that he/she wants to further develop through the coaching process.