A Coaching Culture is about Delivering Results, Improving Performance and Making the Most of People’s Potential



 Increased self motivation, accountability- Challenges personal thinking whilst  strives towards continuous improvement 

Reduced HR Issues

Decrease in absenteeism , grievances and staff turn-over. Overall improved attendance

Talent Attraction

 Succession Planning, talent leaders, loyalty, leading teams and your reputation 

About our Coaching Programs

Our Coaching programs are tailored to meet your immediate needs and team development. This will ensure that the training and coaching will meet your expectations as every business and individual  is unique. 

To build a strong and successful business there are many factors involved, which needs to be considered to gain the required results.  

Research shows that combining training and coaching will give your team members 85% increase with productivity.

Coaching is much more than simply positive dialogue; It enhances the leadership style and the relationships that are built on trust and respect.  This paths the way along to effective communication and open dialogue between all members of the business or organisation. 

Therefore the role of coaching and mentoring within your business or organisation can be best described as further development of skill sets, Modified behaviors which leads to ultimately improved performance within your teams and leaders.  

Benefits  are ........

  • Higher Performing team Members and Leaders
  • Increased Communication with Openness and  and continuous learning
  • Increased ownership and responsibility
  • Greater Clarity in roles and objectives
  • Aligned Teams that collaborate together
  • Highly motivated people with emotional intelligence
  • More adaptable  to change and management styles
  • Relationship improvement across departments
  • Supporting remote workers

Who Should Attend ........

  • Newly Appointed Team Leaders
  • Teams that are experiencing difficulties 
  • Newly formed teams for a specific project or on-boarding
  • professional Development for team members - continuous improvement and productivity
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Owners wanting to Lead their Communities
  • Project teams and leaders -Providing support

Public Coaching Course Outline - 2 Day Course

This course can also be delivered in house for your Team Members and Leaders


Module 1 Overview of Coaching

Module 2 Differences between Traditional Coaching and Non - Traditional Coaching

Module 3 Conduct a Force Field Analysis for Coaching

Module 4 Creating Long Term Change opposed to Short Term Change

Module 5 Active Listening and Being Engaged throughout the Session

Module 6  Conflict Resolution through Coaching

Module 7   Explore Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Module 8 Conduct a typical Coaching Session with Team Members

Module 9  Coaching using online Platforms for Remote Team Members

Module 10  Provide Feedback that create conviction shifts 

Module 11 Set Performance Plans and Action Steps

Module 10  Follow up and Further Conversations to maintain Momentum

Raymond Faulkner GM Holiday Inn Brisbane

Lee worked with our Team Leaders and Myself as our Leadership Coach and Trainer


“Lee Stemm was my Professional Coach in 2010 when I was based in Brisbane. I voluntarily sought Lee out as a Coach after witnessing her success with one of my direct reports, and the subsequent success of several other leaders reporting to me when I contracted Lee to the hotels Leadership Coaching program.

As a coach, Lees program was in-depth and had an easy to follow framework, that drew out root causes of issues that were managed through the program, such that my overall leadership performance excelled. She applied her expertise in NLP (Neurolinguistics programming), and she was able to help develop, with the ownership of the coachee, behavioural changes that created long term improvements in leadership skills. I would recommend Lee as a Professional Coach. Her involvement in our business and in my own development was and still remains, invaluable.

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