Fill Your Yoga Practice and Retreats for 2019

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Build your  Class Numbers and Fill your Retreats
Are you wanting to grow your  classes and get your retreats filled for 2019?
At times do you get caught up with struggle, not sure of where to start when building your business, Maybe doing things that simply don''t work?
Turing up to teach your classes and noticing that your numbers are not growing. Maybe it is not your skill level that is the issue, it is nobody knows about you!
Or perhaps you are working in a JOB that you hate and would love to step into your own business that you have been dreaming about for ages.  

Explore More options then simply having a studio
Are you a studio owner who is  stressed out financially, trying to keep on top of all  the unexpected daily expenses. Teachers not turning up, the landlord is knocking on your door? Or your existing  client based is more experienced than your teachers!
Going online and creating your  programs will extend and build your visibility with  your audience, giving you unlimited possibilities and audience reach.
Run your retreats  that is not based on the cheapest price. Learn our to add value and think outside the box. Make your retreats compelling and unique from others within your industry.

The Secret is ............... Understanding how to build your Business that gets results!  

Take  the FREE  10 Day Build Your Business Challenge

Then this 10 day build your business  challenge is perfect for you
But, I don't have a business yet?
Perfect timing, I remember the boy scout motto "Be Prepared" . A great business strategy is understanding how to run your business, so when you take the leap of faith you hit the ground running.
You will learn the  step by step processes and blueprints which will create business growth, and set you on the right path.  Let's do this!

What we will Achieve Together

  • How to build your online engaged community
  • Increased visibility - Make it easy to be found online 
  • How to monetize your following and start getting paid for what you love doing
  • How to create an online program
  • How to build your list of potential customers
  • Keep in touch - How to automate your messaging sequences via email and on Facebook
  • Hints and Tips in how to fill your retreats and practice

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Challenge Commencing - 25th March 2019
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Your Investment - 10 Day Challenge
Just $1 Per Day

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