Be Your Best Coaching – What are you focusing on?

Please enjoy Episode 1 of Be your Best Coaching Podcast.

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Points to Remember

  • Gain insights from your past – to not say in the past too long as this prevents you from moving forward
  • Once you have gained your insights than apply some new habits and stratifies to create your future
  • Circle of Concerns – Focusing on things that you have no control will cause frustration, waste of your time, a sense of no hope, stuck  and a loss of control and focus
  • Circle of Influence – expand your circle of influence – You have control over your personal development, your communication and conflict skills, how you choose to respond to the situation, your value systems and beliefs. Continuous development is important in your growth, Once you can influence someone than you can lead them towards the outcome that you are wanting. Remember always use this skill with integrity and to empower others not to control them
  • What you focus on is what you create – Your brain knows no difference – Focus on what you want, not on want you don’t want
  • We all all motivated by pain or pleasure. What are you motivated by? You will have inconsistent results when you are motivated by pain, whilst you will have more consistent results when you are motivated by pleasure.

Some coaching Questions ( take some time out to reflect)

  • What do you want to do differently than what you are doing today?
  • To achieve this outcome, what do you have to change, modify or add around your skill-sets and approach?
  • What is one action that you can start on tomorrow?
  • Is there anything that could stop you from achieving this goal?
  • What do you need to focus on to get these results?
  • Are you motivated by pain or pleasure?
  • What are you prepared to change?

I hope you enjoyed this discussion article

take care

Be your Best

  • January 19, 2017


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