Ask the Expert Platform- Should I invest my money in a Website?

I am starting up a business community along with the “Ask the Expert” platform that is designed to ask those questions that will get business owners thinking more strategically around their business than doing those tactical activities that are not delivering the results quick enough. I know a lot of business owners out there are putting in a lot of hard work, and not getting much ROI .

So I will be posting those questions that may assist you or get you to stop and make a more informative decision when you  invest your time and money . So here is today’s question:

\Question – I want to build a website and have a limited budget – what do you recommend?

Response – A lot of business owners get really confused in the purpose of having a website.They think that if I have a great looking website than it will automatically help me to gain more clients.

Now I want you to stop and think just for a moment. How many websites are out there in the internet? Do you think that your prospective clients are going to find you – by just searching the internet ? IF this was the case then why do so many large companies have a huge advertising budget to keep buying for adds to get them in front of their prospective clients.

Therefore instead of thinking about having the best website , maybe you need to be thinking about how are you going to strategically plan to get new prospects into cleints.

These steps must be considered before you do the tactial marketing strategy of having a website –

  • How are you going to drive traffic to your website
  • How are you going to capture your prospects contact details
  • What kind of email campaign are you going to set up – to keep in front of your prospect
  • And how are you going to monetize your network?

These are all points that need to be considered. Please understand that having a professional website is important – however there is no point investing all of your funds into a website if you have no strategies in place to drive your traffic to them.

Websites give you credibility however landing pages will start your sales funnel.

Come along to the strategic marketing launch on the 26th September and look at how you can grow your business with strategic planning in place. Jump into my meetup group and be part of the community. 

all the best in business

Lee Stemm

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  • September 21, 2017


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