Ask The Expert Platform – Feeling Overwhelmed

I am setting up a weekly Podcast called Ask the Expert Platform. This is around answering questions that are posed to me by my clients and other business owners.

Here is the question from last week!

I get overwhelmed within my business and I am unable to move forward.


I think a lot of business owners feel like this, after all we have so much to do in our business and always learning new skills. Being a business owner at times can be difficult. So there are my tips when you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • Break the task down into smaller stages and try to work on that stage until you move onto the next
  • Take time out to relax and think through the issue
  • Have regular breaks and put a timer on so that you are not distracted
  • Have the ability to say ‘no’ to others ( set reasonable boundaries)
  • Keep focused on your current task ,  goals and aspirations
  • Outsource part of the task if you haven’t the skill level
  • Talk  and bounce ideas off a trusted mentor
  • Eat the frog first – Do the thing that you have been avoiding first
  • Stop avoiding that task – Sometimes just starting gets the ideas flowing
  • Focus on what you have control on, and let the rest go


I find that when I get overwhelmed I like to go for a walk and think things out then. Living near the water at West End is ideal and I normally find that along the way I am able to relax and then the creativity starts. It is almost the concept of stop trying so hard and relax and enjoy the moment.  It is quite funny as when I walk , the ideas start to come up and I will often call up one of my clients with an amazing idea for them to consider. I also carry a book that I write all of my ideas down, so l never have a shortage of what to write about or my next project that I am going to commence.  I think everyone experiences overwhelm,  it is all about how you can manage it, and what works for you.

All the best in Business


Quote of the Week

Take life day by day and be grateful for the little things. Don’t get stressed over what you can’t control.

  • October 15, 2017


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