Are you losing your staff and clients to your Competitors?

Are you losing your staff and clients to your Competitors?
Here is one method for you to retain your people.

  • In today’s competitive business environment, the impact of attrition on a business can be detrimental to both the bottom line and morale. Attrition can involve the loss of employees or the loss of customers. Both employee turnover and failure to retain customers over time can challenge managers.
    I have been involved with coaching many business owners and a method that works for the major corporates is inviting their key customers and high performing team members to events. It is not unusual to hear often a valued team member say to his friends,” hey I am going to the Gabba to watch the footy in the corporate box!” I know that this is a strategy to keep your teams and clients that works and it also allows you to build stronger relationships.
    I wanted to let you know of an event that will be inspiring and motivational that centres around leadership and empowerment. I am involved with a group who has a presenter – Margie Warrell – who is the well-known author and speaker. Please visit her website to find out more about this amazing powerful woman – www,
    I am sure that your customers and team members would be presently surprised to receive a couple of Free tickets from you as a way to stand out from your competitors.
    The event will be conducted on the Gold Coast – 25th and 26th March and the entry per ticket is only $95.00 . There will be other well-known speakers on the day such as Dr Hercules Kollias. The following morning the group normally meets to have a networking breakfast.
    If you are interested in attending and would like to get some tickets; send me a email and I will send you through the registration link and details. I would also like to introduce you to some of our key collaborators on the day and welcome you personally.
    Talk soon and take care
    Lee Stemm
  • Strategic Marketing and Business Strategist

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  • March 9, 2017


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