Why are my Services  Unique?

I support my clients Holistically which includes the right entrepreneur mindset, habits with the  latest strategic marketing strategies. This enables me to focus on the most immediate points within your business or self,  that  will create the maximum results.  Not only do I support the business owner, I  develop and align high performing teams. 

My Vision is to help entrepreneurs to save thousands of dollars , by making better informed decisions. To become business Savvy knowing exactly what works, and to cut through all the BS.

19 years Business Experience 

Know what it takes being in the trenches

Over 15,420 Hours of Coaching and Training with my  Clients

Highly experienced and how to personalize my support to  my individual clients

Invested in my own Education over $100,000

Keeping up to date with the latest online marketing strategies that get results

Using the Right Strategic Strategy + Implementation = Business Growth

When you know how to IMPLEMENT the right online STRATEGY and tools, CONVERT website visitors into leads and customers, and increase your profitability, you will have all the pieces necessary to rapidly GROW your business. My coaching is designed to help you with those elements, taking your business to the next level.

Success requires action — and I am committed to your success.

How My Entrepreneur Journey Started

I was extremely naive when I first stepped into my role as a business owner. I was involved within the IT industry in the public service, and really started to dislike my job. 

I started to feel very sensitive, and most days would go home crying. However  the one thing that kept me going, was my passion for Fitness and Health.

I had reached High Levels within my fitness and sport which I am very proud of

 had gained Australian Championship titles in Marital Arts.  Every day I would watch the clock and be ready to leave my job right on 5.00 pm. Yes I became the clock watcher. During this time  I had a personal trainer, as most high performers have.  He knew how unhappy I was, and one day he put a business proposition to me.  He invited me to become a partner within his personal training business. 

I was so excited that the next day I quit my job. Withdraw all of my savings and superannuation, gladly handing it all over to my business partner, just like a lamb being lead to slaughter. Yep, no contracts, simply trusting and absolutely no business sense at all. 

I Became Resilient  and Tapped into My Personal Power

Within six weeks as a partner and handing over my investment into the business of $100,000, my business partner said that he no longer wanted me as a partner, and that personally attacked me.

Now I had no job, no money, no clients and no family. I didn't have time to dwell on what had happened, I simply jumped into action and started to look at solving my existing problems.

I approached all the gyms nearby, back in 2001, you could train your clients in the local gyms. I set up my Personal Training Business and started to attract clients to me

I always knew that I would be okay. Yes I was fearful, but I didn't have time to dwell into my fears. I had to get a business up and running and was prepared to do whatever it took. When I trained my clients in the gym, I gave my all. I went well above what the other trainers were doing, and within a short term I had lots of clients coming to me.

No marketing required, they watched me training my clients, then approached me. However something was still missing.  I was handed a brochure by one of my clients one day around personal development.  What the hell was personal development, I thought. And this was transition into personal empowerment. 

Business Pivot and Became Passionate about Personal Development

I was amazed at this world. Getting to know more about yourself. Understanding your blind spots, and overcoming my own limiting beliefs.  I was so excited to learn more about me and how I ticked.

This is the point of my career that I transitioned from a personal trainer into a counselor than into a coach.  I was compelled drawn into helping others to become better human beings.  

Over the next 10 years I continued my studies with the Australian College of Applied Psychology, many coaching programs and supported woman in experiential workshops up in the mountains as a co-facilitator of a women's empowerment group. 

I had personal coaching clients seeking me out to help them on a professional and personal level. I became well known around getting long term change in my clients. Not only did it help them in their daily lives, if also  supported them in becoming better leaders at work. 

There managers and CEO's of the organisations, started to notice the change. And this was the point that I was personally invited into working within the corporate arena.  

Working with Leaders within Corporate

This is what being an entrepreneur is all about. You never know when opportunities will be presented to you, and when they do you seize them with enthusiasm .  This is the time that my reputation as being a change maker started to take form.

I was getting the same results with all of my clients, and other organizations were reaching out to me to work with their leaders and teams.

During the GFC ( Global financial Crisis)  things started to changed for me.

A lot of my corporate clients were starting to go in-house with their coaching and training, due to the financial restrictions.  This became the time that I realized that I had no clue in how to market myself. For the first 15 years of my business, it was all referrals and now things were changing. I struggled for the next 2 years, on the roller coaster ride of having clients, then not having clients. It was tough and I simply didn't know where to start. 

I never wanted to do marketing, I never wanted to do sales, but someone had to do it. I became overwhelmed, stressed out and  everything seemed to change overnight.  However I have always believed that I would be okay, and I was. 

Biggest Challenge  Health and Depression

I think this was the biggest challenge in my life. In 2016 I was informed at I had  cancer on my nose.  Immediately I was admitted into Hospital and had 3/4 of my nose removed. Once this had occurred, then I had 6 reconstruction operations with the plastic surgeons. 

Every six weeks I had another operation. Before the operations I was still daily training with my martial arts, totally 30 years  in all. After the operations had finally finished, then I fell into depression for the following year. 

This was the darkest time of my life. I never left the house for a year, only to get a few items from the supermarket.  My life  was turned upset down and I fell into the depths of despair. I went from an person who was extremely active and passionate, into a person with zero exercise and felt complete lost. My business no longer existed. I had lost all of my clients and income, being in survival mode. Maybe it was just my time to grieve and switch off.

I was able to pull myself out with now my new vision. I decided that if I was to return to my business, I would do it differently. I had a new purpose, wanting not only develop my marketing skills, but also to help entrepreneurs. This was another pivoting point of my business. Like everything I do, I am resilient and strive to excel.

I studied and still study with mentors and online entrepreneurs who are well known throughout the world as the top performers. It has been 4 years now that I have fully emerged myself with online strategic marketing, and thousands of dollars that I have invested and continue to invest, bringing the latest up-to-date strategies to my clients

I decided that 'hope marketing' no longer supports the direction of my business.  As I am writing my core story, I reflect back at how much I have learned, changed and adapted within my role as an online entrepreneur.  Maintaining resilience, discipline, consistency and having a strong vision has supported me throughout my 19 years journey as an entrepreneur.

I Stand with these amazing woman that make a difference in the wold

What I stand for now!

Today I have a thriving business that helps entrepreneurs who are online.  I am an international publisher for Sibella Magazines. I volunteer my time to help business owners on the govt run program Mentor4Growth. I have coached and mentored startup businesses that are on the NEIS program.

I have created my own podcast Entrepreneur's Journey', and a community builder.  I attract opportunities to me for guest speaking  through my high online presence. 

I am grateful for all the lessons that I have learnt along my entrepreneur journey and celebrate all of my successes. My commitment to my clients always exceed expectations. 

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A Short Bio About Lee

I am a educator, mindset coach, publisher and corporate trainer.  I work with the most amazing clients, and am always proud to be part of their journey. 

Lee Commenced her business in 2001, specializing in leadership, employee engagement and culture building. She has dedicated herself to helping leaders create meaning in their own business and in their organizational roles, which results in motivational teams, customer retention and bottom-line performance.

She was invited into the corporate arena, through her private coaching client’s results and behavioral change, which was noticed by their managers. Lee combines good learned leadership skills whilst helping her clients to gain powerful insights and a fresh perspective on their personal challenges as leaders.

Lee supports her leadership clients in moving beyond their present paradigm, liberating them from limited thinking, and expanding possibility beyond their imagination with long term change. She facilitates long term change by helping her clients to; ‘think differently’ out of and beyond the box.  It is not about the knowledge that we hold as leaders, it is about what type of trustworthy leader we become and demonstrate.

She enjoys working with new leaders who are seeking for guidance and direction around team alignment and career progression. Her leadership framework consists of Self Awareness, Influence, Team Alignment, Forward Thinking and People Enablement.

Her style of coaching and training are thought provoking; encouraging her clients to challenge the status quo, whilst building confidence and personal transformation. 

She holds the qualifications of Counsellor, NLP Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Business Strategist.  In 2016 she transitioned into working with Entrepreneurs and is regularly called upon by her corporate clients for continuous improvement and growth.

Over the past 19 years of being a Coach and Trainer, in 2016 I changed my focus to support Business Leaders within their communities and in building their business. However, I am still called upon by my corporate clients to step in, working with new leaders and team members.

Lee has supported Senior and Middle Management within organisations such as Holiday Inn, Clean works Australia, Pan bio, Hemisphere GPS to name just a few.

Lee Stemm - Business Strategist | Mindset Coach | Trainer

 In 2016 she commenced her transition from being a corporate coach/trainer into an online entrepreneur.  She is still invited to work within the corporate arenas, however her focus today is assisting online Entrepreneurs with building and launching their courses online.

She even goes one step further, crafting high-profit automated funnels, to lead the potential client through the buyer’s journey; whilst keeping in front of existing clients.

Lee Stemm, an experienced online entrepreneur, is known for helping, educating and supporting clients as they develop their strategic strategies around creating a successful online business that gets results.

Grow and SCale Your Business

Build | engage|  automate.

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We had conflict in our Teams - Lee was Able to Create Team Alignment and Provided Training and Coaching for our Directors and Teams

I was having issues with some team members and I called in Lee to assist us in handling the team conflict. Lee was able to get the members involved to work more effectively together by developing the company values and running team training and coaching. She also worked directly with myself and my business partner Katie Eckford around our business goals and our leadership direction.

Kelly Broderick
Director Cleanworks Corporate Cleaning

Monthly Article Writer for Sibella Magazines 2020

And I'm honored have been selected by the editorial staff of Sibyl Magazine to be one of this year's Contributing Article Writers for Isabella Publications.

My main topic for the year is online entrepreneurs having real conversations

In each of my articles, you will experience the Entrepreneurs Journey, the raw real authentic truth around the struggles and wins gained whilst on their path to success

 My hope that you will be inspired and have courage, to continue your own journey towards your dreams.

Entrepreneur Journey Podcast Hosted by Lee Stemm 

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Volunteer Work - Supporting Business Owners

I have been selected as a mentor  on the Mentor4Growth program  Initiated by The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training for 2020. It is a privilege to have an opportunity to give back to the local community. 

One thing that motivates me is to teach business leaders how to become 'business savvy', and to provide education that will enable them to make better informed decisions.