Round table for Emerging Leaders

November 5, 2016

I was observing a group interviewing process that involved a lot of young adults transiting into the workplace recently. I was concerned about the lack of confidence that they were displaying in an animal game that they were asked to participate in. They just seemed to hold back and even when they introduced themselves to others in the group, they were intimidated.  On top of that I was speaking to a couple of my executive clients and they mentioned to me that they were also concerned about their young children transiting into the workplace. We discussed that they were observing that the family members just didn’t know how to gain clarity around what they wanted to do and were lacking the ability to interact with others. Therefore, I am starting a new program that will commence next year designed for the young youth transiting into the workplace. I am looking at running this in January 2017 with a small group size of 10 candidates.

Expressions of Interest – Please let me know if your family or self is interested in being part of this group. It will be Brisbane based and be in a boardroom setting.

Round- Table for Emerging Leaders Program

Gain more Clarity, Direction and Confidence through the round table group and mentoring coaching series.

Take that next career transition step into the workplace that fulfils your goals and aspirations.

This program the “Round Table for Emerging Leaders” is designed for new motivated leaders who are transiting into the workforce. Looking to gain more personal in-sights, starting off their career in the right direction. Working in a small group, you will meet on a regular basis for impactful coaching sessions over a 6-month period. Led by an experienced High Performance Coach you will explore the keys around leadership, emotional Intelligence, effective communication, conflict resolution, relationship building and networking. These are just an example of topics that are recommended. The group will select the topics that meet their unique needs and objectives.

Through this approach the leaders gain personal insights, develop new skill-sets, and start to explore and reap the benefits of team synergy. Between the sessions you will implement your development plans and actions.

Benefits of this Program

  • Increased self-awareness and confidence
  • Clarity and direction around their career goals
  • Putting in place effective strategies for leadership development
  • Communicating effectively and self-Management
  • Bridging the executive gap as to where you are and where you want to be
  • Overcoming obstacles and changing limiting beliefs
  • Making decisions that are based on your core values
  • Forming good habits that support change and growth

What our Clients Say

“I found the tools that Lee used were extremely effective. She used NLP acceralated human behavioral change and after four sessions I could accept my new role as a Leader within my professional role which also enhanced my relationships within my personal life

Brad Coombes – Senior Management – QMW Industries

Your Coach

Lee Stemm is a highly qualified Performance and Leadership Coach, master NLP trainer, counsellor and martial artist. With over 16 years’ experience Lee is an insightful coach with the ability to develop skill sets and behavioral change with her clients that are long lasting.

Contact Information – Expressions of Interest being taken now – Limit of 10 in the group (Applications open now for 2017)

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