6 Tips to stand out from your Competitors

The majority of small businesses are established in response to market demand for a product or service.  Many build their businesses by serving that demand and enjoy growing profits without putting much effort into long-term planning or marketing.

However, what happens when that demand slows or stops?  What happens when the competition sets up shop with a “new and improved” version of your product down the road?  How do you keep your offering fresh while growing and maintaining your client base?  The answer, innovate your business and offer extraordinary value by creating a “market dominating position.” Consider this.

Every choice you make when buying a product or a service represents a point of differentiation between one company and their competitors. These differences, whether subtle or distinct, determine which customers will buy what they sell.

So now ask yourself what, if anything, makes your business different from your competitors as perceived by your targeted prospects and customers? For the vast majority of businesses that answer is price. So then consider today’s top selling companies.

I have included a few points below for you to consider within your business. Sometimes, it is those small adjustments that make a huge difference in the result that you are currently achieving.

Level of Service that you are offering to your clients

  1. Convenience is an important one, as today everyone is busy. Consider these points for convenience – Location, Availability, Ordering Process, Delivery, Payment Terms and miscellaneous services.
  2. Speed
  3. Education and Training
  4. Remove Purchase Risk
  5. Security and Safety

Go through the above points and look at how you can include these into your business model. This will be a great way to begin to dominate and grow your business quickly. If you need help with this than send me through an email and we can chat



  • January 22, 2018


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