6 Pillars of Self Esteem – Part 2

Self Esteem is so important to ensure that you can live a life that has meaning for you. This article is based on the book called “Six Pillars of Self Estee”. Last week we covered the first three pillars which were Living Life Consciously, Self-Acceptance and Self Responsibility.

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So now it is time to view the last three pillars of self-esteem which are Self Assertiveness, Living life on Purpose and High Personal Integrity.

I was working recently with a corporate client assisting him with his personal image. The organisation was concerned as they felt that he was becoming complainant and had let his own professionalism decease over time. I believe that personal image is the basics of self promotion.

It really is about how you sell yourself. You really need to be clear as to what you actually mean by the term ‘sell yourself’. What you are going to sell is not your essence but your image. And you are not going to ‘sell’ your image in a monetary sense; rather you are going to promote your image as a way of advancing yourself.

Image is not something you actually possess. Like beauty, image is in the eye of the ‘beholder’. Everyone has their own image of you. It is the summary of their perceptions, subjective feelings and calculations of you. When others talk about you, it is not the real you they are discussing but their concept of you made up of many personal encounters with you and what others have said about you.

You might think that your personal job performance should be the main determinant of your image because your performance is important to others. Certainly how well you carry out your tasks is important to your own team leader.

However image is how you problem solve, how you assist others, how you get along with others, your communication style , body language and how you dress to name just a few.

The culture of an organisation will also be a factor in determining what a good image is. You need to determine what constitutes good image for your organisation and your position in it so that you know precisely what it is about yourself you need to sell.
How you are perceived by other organisation members is fundamentally important to you because in many instances this perception will determine the way they interact with you and this will have an impact on your success, or otherwise, e.g. if they believe you to be ‘disloyal and a clock watcher’ they will not offer support for your efforts to get a better position or other personal goals.

Image, like reputation, precedes you. People who have not even met you will still have an image of you. They will have heard about your informally. The opinion of others is likely to be sought when supervisors make decisions, concerning you. It is crucial that you develop and maintain the best possible image and the one most suited to your organisation.

Therefore you need to regularly assess your image. You can develop a good image by determining what qualities your particular organisation finds desirable and then making sure that all your communication, particularly face-to-face, displays those qualities.

Remember Be your Best – What image do you project?

  • February 8, 2017


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