3 Critical Points for Business Success

I have just completed a 6-month training and coaching contract with 100 business owners wanting to start up their new business idea. They are all excited yet a little nervous as will this business really work, am I going to be successful, or do I just go find a job instead and have that security around me again.

Today it is getting harder and harder to gain employment. The statistics are currently informing us that most of the jobs that are up for grabs today are short term contracts. We are changing into a world of under employment. Therefore, more and more small businesses are starting up as there may be no alternative.

So, the new business owner thinks great now I can have work/life balance, work the hours that I want to, only do what I am passionate about and many more myths start to take over.  They are excited however I do hear some concerns in their voice. Then after a few months the reality hits them. They are working longer, harder and not earning the income that they thought that they would be earning.  They must do those activities that they don’t have the skills or knowledge. You know having to market yourself including gaining more leads, having systems in place to convert and then retain the customers.

These are the fears that most business owners have and it can be paralyzing. They start to make decisions based around their fears, you know that things will not work out, instead of making decisions around the potential and unlimited possibilities. Their dream start to disappear and then they start to lose hope. Instead of working with inspiration they start to work out of desperation. And this comes across when they are communicating with others and trying to win business.

You see, they really believe that just because they are passionate about something, that it will be a business success story. The reality happens that they must develop a lot of new skills which will help them to promote and deliver their product or services that will be in high demand with their customers.

I have found that there are some important business fundamentals that must be in place to have a successful business.  The foundation of your business must be laid down before you start to build the empire. For example, if you were going to build a building and the foundation hasn’t been laid down before the construction is commenced, you will start to see cracks in the building and it could even collapse.

It’s time to consider these points:

  1. How is your business going to stand out from the crowd? Who are your competitor’s? Will your business solve a current problem that your potential customers have?  What are the hot buttons or the issue that your business is going to solve?
  2. Now that you have a bit of an idea of how your business is going to stand out, then you must look at how can you add extraordinary value to your customers that they have no other option than to go with you as their provider. You know people are always after the best deal not necessary the best price! If you cannot add extra value to your customers than they will go with the cheapest price. Do not get caught up in the war of price. Stop discounting and competing on price and start to look at what extra value you can offer.
  3. How can you communicate in a way that it will influence your targeted market? That you can clearly and confidently communicate your business and the added value that is so compelling that the phone never stops ringing and you have continuous leads, conversions and profits.

You need to stop and wok on your business along with working in your business. Once you start to invest time doing this then you start to get the answers to those tough questions. You start to step out of the stress from working without gaining results. I always ask my clients this important question when I am working with them. This is “Doing this activity are you getting paying clients on board.?” This makes them stop and start focusing on the activities that will gain them the results that they are looking for. You know the 80/20 rule. That 20% of the activities that you are currently doing will give you 80% results; whilst the other 80% of the activities that work on will only give you 20% results. I don’t know about you; but I would prefer to work on the 20% activities which will give me greater results and having more time to spend doing other things besides work.

I wanted to introduce you to my E-Marketing Learning Centre which is membership based. This E-Learning Marketing System contains multiple presentations designed to help every business owner build a successful business. I will guide you through each and every one of them, and do so in easy to manage segments. Combing the E-Marketing Learning with online coaching support will assist you in creating more momentum, clarity and a long lasting profitable business.

If you’re ready to get started, so am I. I’ll help you get started by establishing your market-dominating position and then continue through each of the weekly presentations. You will work at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Devote at least 30 minutes every day to working ON your business, and watch your business grow.

If you would like to discuss this further with me than simply jump onto my timetrade line and book out a time to have a online discovery session.  You have nothing to lose and I will take you few a couple of marketing strategies that will help you uncover more revenue for your business that you can implement after woods.

Here is the link      https://my.timetrade.com/book/RMWSS     or give me a call on 0414 863355

All the best in Business

Lee Stemm

  • June 10, 2017


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