February 17, 2020


What is your Audience's Temperature?

This was a topic we were discussing last week in the Mastermind Clinic and I thought it was something that perhaps you will find it invaluable.

Determining your Audience Temperature is examining their mindset. There are three levels which are Cold, Warm and Hot.

Each of these levels needs to be messaged differently if you are looking to gain maximum results.

Hot Traffic

This audience already knows who you are. They are probably on your email list through a subscribing to your offers or Marketing Attraction Systems. They have already established a good professional relationship with you.
You will talk to these people as though they are your friends, using personality-driven communication. Tell stories, and share your options, and let them into your private life a little bit.

Warm Traffic

This audience doesn't know you, however, they have a relationship with people who do. This is where joint ventures come into play and Affiliate Marketing.
Traffic from your social media platforms is in this category. They haven't subscribed to your email list, however, they know you. They will often endorse your products and services

Cold Traffic

This audience has no idea that you even exist. They don't know what you have to offer or whether they can trust you. This audience could be someone who clicks onto one of your ads or stumbles across your profile.


The key is to figure out what temperature your audience is so that you can build the right message bridge. Pre-framing is a very powerful tool that allows you to let someone know in advance what is going to happen and what they should make it mean. Whether you are holding a meeting, coaching someone, or gaining engagement with your audience. pre-framing is the tool that will keep everyone focused, along with understanding the purpose .


The  message you send a person who sits in the cold traffic category is completely different than someone who is in the hot category.

Most smart business owners understand how to use automation with their emailing sequences. Now you need to go the next step and start to segmentation. This will allow you to speak to all of your audience, with appropriate messages that will engage and build trust.

Determine Traffic Temperature First

 Remember each group needs to be treated differently and communicated to individually. One message fits all, simply doesn’t get maximize results. You may even go to create three different landing pages that will grab the attention of each traffic temperature type.

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Headlines are really the most important part of your article writing.  

It is the first thing that can grab the attention of your reader or web visitor.

Your headlines, in effect, are your first real point of connection with your prospective customer, so you need to get them right.

Your headline is important to your reader as it is a great indicator of your true ‘behavior’.  It should NOT try and sell to your reader, but should draw them towards wanting to continue reading the rest of your article.  Don’t try and say too much in your article – make one point and do it well!

Using a ‘question’ in your headline is the most effective way of doing this.  This is also something that the search engines like – especially when the rest of your article contains the answer!

A question, if written well, should be able to attract, intrigue or even to gently provoke your readers to want to read more.  Using more ‘interesting’ verbs will help you do this.

How can I adjust the Headline to reflect each audience's Temperature?


The Solution:

IF you are targeting prospects who have a high awareness of your product, and know that it is the right solution; then you would start the headline off with the Product Name.

If they do not know your product, however, know the desired results that they are looking for, then you would start the headline off with the desired results known as the benefits.

If they are unsure of what they are looking for and are just concerned about the general problem, then you would start the headline off with he problem and how it solves the specific need.

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